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CISC is a network of private licensed schools
We want everyone to have enough knowledge, experience, confidence and make decisions based on values in order to have own choice and create the future.
We provide high quaility education and form a personality
Our educational and formation program is focused on ensuring that students at school gain practical experience, develop competencies, and form values.
Сompetencies that we develop
to be effective and live in harmony with the world of the 21st century
The values ​​that we form
RESPONSIBILITY. During school life, the child must learn to make decisions independently, be responsible for them, and behave in general. Therefore, every year we increase the number of situations where the child makes the decision — we increase the child's responsibility. We perceive the child's wrong choices as those that develop, and a school is a place for safe development. A child who makes mistakes in his/her decisions and analyzes mistakes is much less likely to make mistakes in adult life.
CREATIVITY. Each child has a unique view of the world; its solutions and approaches may differ from conventional ones. We allow everyone to invent their unique methods of solving problems and solving tasks. We encourage the performance of normal daily operations in an unusual, new way, focusing the child on a quality result. Creativity, in other words, innovativeness, also allows identifying the hidden potential of the child, his/her gift for a particular activity.
RESPECT. Acceptance or conscious recognition of the right of others' existence with the features they have as well as is taking into account the interests or positions of others, voluntary consent to interaction. We consciously recognize everyone's right to have the features that individuality has, that is, WE RESPECT everyone. We strive to take into account everyone's interests; that is, WE RESPECT the interests of others. We voluntarily agree to act according to the CISC rules and organizational requirements, which means WE RESPECT the rules of the CISC.
DEVELOPMENT as a value for us is those changes in a person's thinking, behavior, organism, etc., which improve the quality of a person's life and the result of the influence of the environment. Every day we learn something new, learn, and try ourselves in something new, strive to become better than we were yesterday. We are open to new knowledge.
INTERACTION. At CISC, we feel part of the community due to constant interaction. Through the interaction of adults and children and children among each other, learning takes place. Through interaction, personality develops, and teams are created. Through interaction, we increase our capabilities and get the necessary support. The ability to interact effectively makes a comfortable stay in society possible.
High-quality professional and educational experience creates a synergy in partnership.
Together with the Educational Centre for Entrepreneurs Startup Ukraine, we launched the “StartUp” faculty for the students of 10-11 grades in CISC_Holosiivo.
Starting from the 2020 school year, CISC has commenced the cooperation with MBA Kids International, School of entrepreneurship and leadership for children and teenagers.
In cooperation with Media & Production High School 1+1 media, we have launched the program of specialized media education within the “Communication and Media” faculty in CISC_Holosiivo.
Our colleagues from Ampli, education accelerator for teenagers, are teaching classes for CISC students in Holosiivo, “IT” faculty, and implementing the personal development program Soft Skills Lab. Studies at the “IT” faculty will help the children define and choose their future in the IT sphere through full immersion into it.
CISC has implemented the course of “Art, Music and Philosophy”, unique within Ukraine, developed for us by the “Cultural Project” educational institution.
A British Council representative office is located within the territory of CISC_Osokorky, where you can join the English language studies.
Together with the JuniorZ volunteer movement, we have introduced the new modern types of sports into our curriculum.
Wirhin the framework of this partnership, the films focused on social issues will be integrated into the formational curriculum, which will allow the students to analyze and discuss the modern social challenges the world is facing.
CISC in Lviv obtained the official status as the Center for preparation for the Cambridge exams, Cambridge English Qualifications (FCE, PET, KET, Young Learners: Starters, Movers, Flyers).

The status of Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centet confirms that CICS adheres to the world standards in teaching English language and preparing for international exams.
A new course Public Speaking TED-style was launched in cooperation with TEDxLviv at the Communication Faculty in CISC Lviv.
Faculty of Entrepreneurship was established in Lviv in collaboration with analytical and resource organization “Ейдос”, whose key priority is working with youth. “Ейдос” center developed unique methodological tools facilitating young people’s participation in developing entrepreneurship and implementation of projects.
Спільно з Dual Diploma другий рік маємо тристоронній проєкт з Arizona State University.
Generation прагне зробити перехід молоді у доросле життя більш усвідомленим та впевненим. Їх методологія профорієнтації пройшла випробування часом та викликами – пандемією, локдаунами, повномасштабною війною та блекаутами. За чотири роки роботи вони навчили сотні підлітків робити обдуманий вибір, незалежно від складних обставин.
What parents think

Dordienko Julia

mother of Melania, 8 years old, Kyiv
Mother: “CISC teaches studying with interest; we have inspired feedback from friends, the school feels the spirit of freedom. Here are the European learning conditions.”
Melania: “It’s interesting to study here, there are a tutor and a “class mom” more attention is paid to everyone, there are exciting projects and a beautiful library.”
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Popovych Iryna

mother of Maria, 9 years old, Kyiv
The advantages of CISC include:
-a small number of children in the class;
- "teacher-child" dialogue;
-that there is a class teacher and tutor (two specialists at the same time);
-projects and their protection every month;
-excursions on excursions;
-interesting additional lessons.
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Karpenko Lilia

mother of Yaroslav, 9 years old, Kyiv
While studying schools in Kyiv, I found information about CISC. And for more than a year, I dreamed that my child would come to you. I registered to participate in the spring camp and realized that my dreams are coming true. Five days flew by as one. The child was satisfied with everything! My son said that they are engaged in incredible teachers, masters of their craft! Every day is not like another. Experiments, master classes — everything is very unusual and new! Glad to have spent these 5 days with you!
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Anna Prokhorova

mother of Illia, 9 years old, Kyiv
“Muuum, I want to go to school!” The weekend ends and begins every Monday morning.
“You just don’t understand; this is the best school in the world!” Before CISC, the son studied at a Montessori school, and then at a secondary school. The change of place of the study had to be planned due to the child’s constant complaints about unwillingness to go to school and abdominal pain, which turned out to be a reaction to the educational school process. Whether you go to school or not is a student’s personal choice. This sometimes causes some discomfort, because we, the parents, would like the child to study well, pay more attention to the learning process itself and gain relevant knowledge. Sometimes it seems that if you force your son to do it, as it was in a regular school, it will be more useful. However, I understand that today the inner state of our child, his desire to go to school, looseness in self-expression, which did not exist before, the development of soft skills, which he gets here for his age, is a priority for us! We wish CISC to develop further, improve, and become a professional platform for changes in the country’s educational process!
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Shevchuk Iryna

mother of Oleg, 12 years old, Kyiv
The main thing for us was that the child was in a psychologically healthy team. And we got it! Immediately noticed that the attitude of teachers to students is respectful. My son especially likes two teachers conduct the lessons; for example, physics is combined with the Ukrainian language, so the child perceives the world much more critically and is not afraid to ask “strange” questions.
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Lesyk Tetyana

mother of Oleksandra and Kateryna, 7 and 11 years old, Kyiv
Both daughters have experience of studying in other private schools, including foreign ones. But the girls often compare and always say how much better they are in CISC! The elder daughter often asks to leave her longer at school in the evenings; the younger one doesn’t want to stay at home on vacation — she runs to the CISC camp! The atmosphere, attention to the details of teachers and tutors, regular feedback, balanced menu, well-thought-out schedule, the ability to encourage children to learn and connect school theory with life practice, the Ukrainian language is not only in the classroom — it’s all CISC :)
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Lakstinsh Anna

mother of Andrew, 9 years old, Kyiv
A creative approach to learning, respect for children, and freedom in the development of the child were the basis for the idea of creating a school and became a critical factor in choosing this school for our children. The modern design of the study group (class): a small number (18 children), the presence of psychological support (tutor), special training exercises on personal development, and group interaction. In my opinion, the combination of these three elements in the CISC creates a progressive modern approach to teaching children’s development. It will help form future free, responsible, creative, open to Ukraine’s world citizens!
Our son Andriy is delighted with his studies at CISC. Most of all, Andriy likes that you can meet a lot of friends at school, with whom Andriy has many common interests and is interested in learning and spending time. Andriy also likes that the lessons at school are exciting, not boring, useful, fun, and active.
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Andriy Derevyanko

father of Eva, 8 years old, Kyiv
CISC is about personality. In our opinion, school choice is, first of all, a search for conditions in which the child will be able to reveal his individuality. A modern learning system, a friendly environment, a quality learning environment is a difficult combination, which is still quite rare in the Ukrainian educational space. Choosing CISC as our daughter’s place of study, we made a balanced, but to some extent, risky choice because the school existed for only a year. At the time of this response, the child is studying for the third year, and we can confidently say that we made the right choice. The child acquires a wide range of knowledge and life skills and, most importantly, develops as a person.
The best thing that characterizes a child’s desire to learn is the daughter’s phrase at the end of a long school day: “Please don’t pick me up from school early.”
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Julia Romaniv

mother of Anush, 9 years old, Kyiv
My child is involved and positive in CISC throughout the day. I see that she gladly goes to school and returns in a good mood. I am satisfied with the level of knowledge; every day, I marvel at the ability to think critically, rejoice in the glowing eyes, and curiosity about the world. Separately, I can note the high level of teaching English. I appreciate the fact that teachers closely monitor the dynamics of the child’s development and, at the right time, suggest more complex tasks or a transition to another group. It is convenient for me to use the online diary, where I can see the comments of teachers and tutors and see things worth paying attention to and talking about at home. The atmosphere at school is always friendly. My daughter loves to read and loves to spend free time in the school library. All questions of new professional circles are also entirely closed at school.
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Yaroslav Lyashchuk

father of Vladislav, 8 years old, Kyiv
We, parents, strive to give our children only the best. Therefore, when we talk about training, where can it be done, if not in CISC. Why? Professional staff, friendly attitude to children, modern teaching methods, and exclusive teaching of subjects. Monthly project defenses not only allow you to study the material thoroughly but also help to strengthen friendships in the classroom. Special thanks for the integrated and bilingual lessons, which combine several subjects, allowing full immersion in the material studied.
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Svitlana Kotylko

mother of Igor, 12 years old, Kyiv
Mom, when is that Monday to go back to school? — my son asks me on Sunday. This is the best recommendation for me about an educational institution. He hurries in the morning, attends additional classes, actively learns new things. It is too early to talk about academic achievements, as we have only recently changed schools, but the attitude of children to learning is inspiring!
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Svitlana Gutsman

mother of David, 7 years old, Kyiv
I like the positive atmosphere and energy in CISC. Children are involved and interested; it’s tangible! CISC’s teachers discovered David’s knack for chess and created an atmosphere that he desires to go to school. I’m glad about our choice; I’m sure he is right!
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What children and parents say

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