In September 2019 CISC_Lviv obtained оfficial status as Cambridge ESOL Exam Preparation Centre (FCE, PET, KET, Young Learners: Starters, Movers, Flyers). Such status confirms that CISC adheres to the world standards of English language teaching and preparation for international examinations. Obtaining of the status became possible due to the results of successful preparation and passing of Starters, Movers, KЕТ and РЕТ exams by our students in the previous academic year.


In summer 2017 CISC confirmed its status as an innovative school and for the third time entered the list of Microsoft Showcase Schools that represents the most innovative schools of the World. Microsoft Showcase Schools is the global community of schools participating in digital transformation in order to improve the educational results.

In April 2017 the Educational Agency (Communal Non-profit Enterprise “Kyiv City Educational Agency” of the Department for education and science, youth and sports) conducted official monitoring audit of the level of CISC educational achievements. According to the test results, 100% of the students demonstrated a high level of mastering English language, 80% of the students demonstrated high and 20% – sufficient level of mastering mathematics. The assessment was conducted in accordance with the Ministry of Education Requirements for general education schools with advanced study of English language.

Some unique authors’ programs and courses were developed (“Media-course”, “Creative workshop”, “Logic”), and the practice of implementing inter-disciplinary integration and “wave immersions” in the school is highly successful. The process of education in CISC involves interactive (group discussions, didactic games etc.) and computer (quizlet, kahoot, Skype) technologies and methods from the Theory of solving inventive problems,  development of creative and critical thinking, education through game (e.g.: the teachers of Ukraininan language developed a unique interactive game on humanitarian disciplines “Twist your brain”), project, research and case-technologies. The children may use the unique CISC textbooks and schoolbooks (“Practice makes perfect” (English language according to levels), “Creative math”, “Cross-cutting lines”, “Logic book” etc.). The teachers give their classes with the use of multimedia education boards and hi-tec panels EdPro Touch.

The children participate both in  internal school competitions (STEM-tournament, robotechnics competition, plank-holding and skipping contests, “Musical talent” competition, tennis tournaments, chess tournaments, olympic games etc.), and in numerous city-level, Ukrainian and international academic Olympics, tournaments and competitions. 

In 2016-2017 school year:
– II tour of the Ukrainian academic competition in English and French language (two first places and one second place), Kyiv;
–  LearnEng Соntest organized by Macmillan Education Ukraine publishing house among the students of 4-11 grades of 35 schools from Kyiv city and Kyiv region (9 prize-winning places and the highest nomination “Top best score”);
– district competition in Ukrainian language (3rd place), Kyiv;
– City Chess tournament “Kyiv Cup” (1st place);
– Ukrainian contests “Spica” and “Kangaroo” (primary school, CISC Kyiv, 18 “golden spikes”, 56 “silver spikes”);
– European championship “Karate Shobu” (3rd place);
– Ukrainian robotechnics festival Robotica 2017;


Science clubs for the students of 5-9 grades are established in CISC and function throughout the whole school year. The Science club format provides deep and thorough immersion and study of the topic selected, as well as research and science experiments. The children work on integrated projects (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and geography). In most cases, research technologies are used to perform the project. The students of 7-9 grades also prepare for the Ukrainian competition-defending the science and research works of the students-members of the Ukrainian Junior Academy of Sciences.

CISC schools hold annual open external events and competitions:
– in March 2017 CISC initialized and hosted the inter-school STEM-tournament, with participation of 8 teams from the leading Kyiv schools. The “STEM at school” tournament is an open competitive event of the new form, aimed at activization of the STEM-movement in Ukraine and involvement of the youth into science. The form of the tournament provides 12 tours on different scientific disciplines: mathematics, informatics, chemistry, physics, biology, logic, mythology, geography;
– inter-city festival “Rubik’s Cube” and Chess Tornament in CISC_Lviv;
– open academic competition in physics among the students of 5-6 grades in CISC_Kyiv;
– charity events and fairs with fundraising for Charity Fund “Tabletochki” and orphanages.

CISC joined the PISA testing.
PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) is the system of international students’ assessment which defines how a student can use the knowledge and skills obtained in school in possible life challenges and situations. The aim of PISA is comparing the educational systems of 80 countries of the world via assessing the students’ competence in reading, math and natural sciences, not directly connected with mastering of the school programmes, and obtaining objective information as to the students’ readiness for a full-scale life in modern society. The students of 5-8 grades in CISC_Kyiv passed the testing according to international standards.  80% of the students confirmed their highest level in all spheres of testing. PISA assessment is coordinated by OECD. In 2018 Ukraine is to participate in the assessment officially for the first time.

CISC is a co-founder of the Ukrainian Coalition of STEM education  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Ukrainian STEM coalition has the following 7 key objectives: drafting of recommendations for the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine concerning STEM disciplines; conducting programmes aimed at implementation of innovative teaching methods in educational establishments; organization of tournaments and academic competitions with the purpose of fulfilling personal potential of the students; creation of informational platforms and spaces; professional orientation; international cooperation.

CISC cooperates with international schools and educational institutions  (Rydal Penhros School (Great Britain), «PSPiA KLANZA» (Poland), Microsoft, “Cultural Project” etc.)

And one of our key achievements is our young, well-coordinated, professional and creative team. Each teacher, tutor and psychologist working in CISC is an expert in his or her field, with great professional achievements (CISC_Kyiv StaffCISC_Lviv Staff). We value and support our team, and stimulate their development. During the school breaks, the team studies actively, we invite a lot of visiting experts, organize cross-education and exchange of experience between CISC schools; the teachers and tutors regularly visit external events, workshops and trainings, lectures related to their field of knowledge (“TIPS education”, “Nonforcible communication within educational environment”, “Tutoring”, “Development of creative thinking at math lessons”, “Fist aid”, “Edutainment in primary school”, “Logopedia”, “International STEM programmes for children”, “Multicultural education in school”, “Psychocorrection in the process of working with children” etc.), pass professional examinations (“Structure of teachers’ Information and Communication Competence. UNESCO recommendations”,  “Implementation of modern technologies into educational process” etc.), and have their works published. School for tutors headed by school psychologist functions in CISC.

Starting from 2013, extracurricular education formats (CISC_Weekend weekend school, Teenage club CISC_SmartHub, Theme camps CISC_Сamps) are established and constantly develop in CISC, in which the children may participate during the school year.