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10 prizes! Results of the World Scholar’s Cup

10 prizes! Results of the World Scholar’s Cup

64 participants from CISC, 10 Prizes, 116 gold and 93 silver medals! These are the results of the World Scholar’s Cup, baby 😊


On May 19 in CISC_Kyiv the World Scholar’s Cup was held – the international academic competition held in 40 countries each year. More than 420 children from 17 schools of Ukraine and Turkey participated in this competition. Students from CISC in Kyiv and Lviv also fought for the victory. And we are extremely proud of the results!

«The part I liked the most in the competition was that you develop as a personality, develop your language skills. It was very interesting for me to prove the point of view which I didn’t agree with at the debate.  I just had to find the right arguments to support the idea that each family must have a robot to perform the daily chores», – Maria Abdullakh, student of the 7th grade, shares her impressions.  

The competition was organized in four stages:
1. Debate. Discussion of a certain topic in the form of debate, when the participants are divided into goups, present their suggestion and opposition to such statement, and try to convince the judge they are right. The hard part is that the topics become known only 15 minutes before the debate starts. The participants have to wok out a nice search strategy in order to win. The topics had an impressive variety: from using a telescope that can show the past to opening the Earth for immigrant aliens.
2. Essays on different topics. The students expressed their own opinions on one of the suggested topics within a limited period of time. Only 25 minutes to prepare. The participants have to demonstrate all the knowledge they posses in different disciplines.
3. Quiz test. 120 questions on different disciplines and fields of science. Only those having the knowledge in all fileds of science have a chance for success.
4. Trivia quiz on different subjects. Within two hours the teams compete in attentiveness and observation skills, since each question is preceded by a video material with clues. The tasks were transmitted to the big screen, and the teams had to answer using clickers (devices on which each button corresonds to a different version of answer).


The results. KYIV

10 long-expected cups are lined up in the English class. These statuettes symbolize an important stage for our students. We won the main prizes in world-class contest. Dream? No, reality!

Our Prizes:

  1. First place – Challenge Team (Senior Division)
  2. Second place – Writing Team ( Junior Division)
  3. Second place – Writing Team (Senior Division)
  4. Second place – Debate Team (Junior Division)
  5. Third place – Overall Team (Junior Division)
  6. Third place – Overall Team (Senior Division)
  7. Third place – Bowl Team (Senior Division)
  8. Third place – Debate Team (Senior Division)
  9. Fourth place – Overall Team (Senior Division)
  10. Fifth place – Overall Student (Junior Division)

The students also won 99 goldта 86 silver medals in various contests. Maria Volova, student of the 7th grade, entered the list of top eight speakers of the World Scholar’s Cup.

«The most interesting thing for me was the debate. Debating is what we regularly do at school thanks to our teacher, Ms.Helen. It was she who showed us what a debate is, and now we love such format. It was an awesome experience..» – Alisa Soboleva, student of the 9th grade, shares her impressions about the Cup.

The results. LVIV

7 participants, 17 gold and 7 silver medals, the Junior Team’s victory in three rounds of the debate. And one of the participants was even chosen to JUDGE the Final contest between the best speakers!

«At the Competition I liked writing quizzes, debating, communicating with the students. Everyone was joyful and friendly. It was an unbelievable experience, and the emotions were mega-positive!» – recalls Valeria Fedorko, student of the 8th grade.

We are proud of our students who represented not only the School, but Ukraine as well, with dignity. We thank all the professional educators and coaches who applied the maximum efforts in order to prepare the participants and lead them to victory. And now we move on!

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