3D model of a civilization and MISTO Festival. Our camps this summer

3D model of a civilization and MISTO Festival. Our camps this summer

CISC camps is a place where the sun shines brighter, the summer is even more fun and the adventures… We will tell you more about the adventures, because we have a lot to recollect!

Kyiv. A journey across 1000 worlds

We started with discovering the Atlantis. At first, we made a model so big that it could hardly be moved through the doors. We made real ships for round-the-world voyages with Lego blocks; we shot a video and created a comics about the Atlantis, visited the jellyfish museum. Can you imagine, there is even an «immortal jellyfish» in this world.

Creating books is a tradition in CISC camps. That’s why this time we worked on our own creative books too, wrote stories and illustrated them. Making stylish eco-bags with personal designs is also one of the favourite hobbies for our campers.

Well, now we’re off to the Treasure Planet. Oh, there were so many surprises waiting for us…

We started the adventure by creating a shield, a sword and a helmet. We constructed tresure-hunting robots and dragons with Lego blocks.

We got our roles and shot a mini-video; we wrote a fairy-tale about a lost island; we painted dinosaur figurines made from alabaster. The Angry Birds amusement arcade was fun and amazing; and we also made slime toys with our own hands!

We move on to the wonderful world of the Middle-earth.

Our campers turned out to be very brave. Not everyone would be brave enough to crawl through the spider cave. And we also went fishing to become friends with Gollum and get the Ring; we passed through the treacherous swamp and tried to beat the orcs; we also created a cool robot that can move.

At the art studio, we worked on the hobbit paraphernalia. And in our cozy cinema room, we watched «The Lord of the Rings». In English😊

During the fourth shift we decided to discover the fantastic beasts. We made our own beasts with Lego blocks, and baked some tasty beast figures at the cooking master class.

We made dot paintings and worked on our own Magic Books. We also visited a contact zoo. We were overwhelmed with joy!

Then, the campers were engaged into very creative teamwork. We created a 3D model of an ancient lost civilization. We visited Egypt, wrote letters to our friends in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs; wandered via the roads of ancient civilizations through the jungle and fire; learned to play ethnic instruments; made some interesting things from clay and even made mummies.

Then we watched a real “zoo” with our microscopes and discovered the protozoans, the simplest life forms. We created comics about the amazing micro-universe; constructed bugs and bees with Lego blocks; at the art studio, we worked on «Mini Me» project, which we afterwards recreated in a gigantic model.

While travelling through the World behind the Looking-glass, we made beyblades with optical illusions; we made a triptych painting at the art studio; we explored the reasons of light refraction.

And, of course, we immersed into art – we studied surrealism and the works of Salvador Dali, contemplated his paintings and expressed our opinions about them. And the exciting excursion to the Museum of illusions gave us tons of positive emotions and awesome photos.

And how could we go behind the looking-glass without the Cheshire cat? That’s why we created it at the robotechnics class. He even joined us at the closing party, together with Alice and the Mad Hatter.

To top it all up, we explored the HUMAN and made a skeleton model. We learned what DNA is and explored the real mysteries of the genes; passed the quest with multi-sensoric approach and engaged all our senses: hearing, vision, touch and smell.

As always, we visualized all the things we learned at the art studio. This time, we made teeth and jaws from clay 😊 We studied human emotions, depicted music on paper, we painted with our fingers, palms, feet and air.

We made delicious cookies at the cooking master class (so yummy that only crumbs were left on the plate in 30 seconds). We ended the section with a real street food festival! AND PRESENTS 😊


We need to choose a profession and find a job, since professional adventures await in THE CITY😊 Here we go!

Bicycle and eco-policemen, journalists and mailmen, designers and media service started their activities from the very first day in camp. A real professional city was formed, and its streets became so dear to us within these two months.

To keep you in line with all the camp events, new media actively worked in the CITY, and a local newspaper was published.

THE CITY includes work on numerous different projects. The children engaged in entrepreneurship, the art of impersonation, creation of computer games, «loft» style light decorations, projects in architecture, game-design and photography.

In the CITY, we had a natural laboratory, IT-Lub, secret laboratory where we learned to take fingerprints. Just don’t tell anyone…..

And we should also mention all the creative zones, where we could, among many other things, recreate the masterpieces of Frida Kahlo and Mondriaan.

Our botanical expeditions to the forest turned into real adventure quests.

Who works well, eats well 😊 But first, we had to cook something. Pizza, cookies, sweets and HULK-style smoothies – easy! Sometimes the CITY becomes a «Hell’s Kitchen».

We were glad to host some guests at the camp – the best illusionist in Ukraine Victor Kochergan, and our American friends who joined us for a game of baseball. 😊

Of course, we immersed into the crucial and popular topic of ECO-friendliness. We checked the quality of famous-brand yoghurts, explored the quality of chocolate, made tea of our own recipe and presented our mini project in ECO FASHION.

Now we know about the art of photographic composition not only in theory, but from practice. Because in the CITY we learned how to make professional photos and process them with Photoshop. Blogging, video shoots – during the breaks the CITY turned into a filming location.

And what about fun and entertainment? We had lots of that!

MISTO Festival, where we presented our musical and art projects – the best part of all camp seasons. And we also loved creating art-chaos; re-make famous TV shows; make the pictures come alive; play the drums.

Relaxation time in hammocks; favourite game of the campers – Wild game; talent show; #MannequinChallenge; water battles; playing rugby, tennis, frisbee; rollerblade and bicycle rides; making slimes… Hurry up and explore something new!

Summer, you are so amazing!

We thank the whole CISC Team for their professionalism and exciting projects that make the childhood so bright and colourful!

See you next time in our autumn camps!

You can learn more about our active camps and join us to give your children the best vacation ever!

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