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7 reasons to study robotechnics

7 reasons to study robotechnics

Robotechnics is an applied science dealing with design, development, construction and use of robots and robotic systems. For what purpose? For automatization of complex technological processes and operations.

Robotechnics is one of obligatory subjects in most of the European schools. The special part about learning this subject is its practicability. And, most importantly, this field of science unifies programming, algorithmics, logic, mechanics, math, design engineering and physics. By creating something interesting and unusual, a child develops his/her creative abilities at the same time advancing the level of knowledge in the field of exact sciences.

Nowadays, a lot of robotic festivals are held all over the world, where children present their designs and constructions. And these include not only the robots you can admire and feast your eyes on, but the complete projects that can facilitate the solving of many global problems. For example, the children present cleaning or garbage-sorting robots. LAst year CISC students also participated in one of such events – All-Ukrainian Robotechnics Festival “Robotica”.

Why is studying robotechnics important:

1. The child learns how to create a robot from small particles inter-connected with logical order.  At the same time analyzing the importance of each details, evaluating its role in the construction, learning toreplace or supplement the details.

2. When the student experiments and works with technics, it promotes the development of his/her creative potential, the ability to find the right decisions in unforeseen circumstances.

3. Robotic studies foster the development of intellect, memory, attention and fantasy.  с

4. By designing an object, the child develops critical, exact, logical and engineering thinking.

5. At robotechnics lessons the students apply their knowledge in the field of exact sciences IN PARACTICE. For instance, they calculate the robot’s turning radius or design and project the miniature architectural constructions.

6. In robotechnics you can not leave the project at the blueprint stage. Thus, the children develop one more useful skill – the ability to get the job done and finalize it.

7. The child studying robotechnics acquires the ability to develop within a profession which is not only prestigious worldwide, but very interesting and helping solve the problems of mankind.

Robotechnics is an obligatory subject in CISC. This discipline is also included into the program of CISC_Weekend school that functions in Kyiv and Lviv.  Each Saturday the children study a certain topic within which thay experiment, play, participate in workshops and master-classes, and spend their time joyfully and usefully.

And on October 29 the day camps will start in CISC_Kyiv and Lviv, filled with interesting acivities for the children of 5-16 years. Come join us!

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