Edutainment as a teaching method

Edutainment as a teaching method

Edutament is a new word in the educational system a teaching method which allows to learn various knowledge through entertainment. During the game-classes the educational process is based on simulated situations aimed at replication and assimilation of the social experience in all of its aspects: skills, knowledge, techniques, abilities and emotional-valuational activity.


1. Implementation of multimedia into educational process.

A modern teacher has to make the lesson more interesting for a child than the information which may be found in the internet. And implementation of multimedia into the educational system may be of great assistance. We mean not only special multimedia classboards. A teacher must learn to apply in his/her practice all modern scientific achievements related to the transfer of information in all forms: text, audio, video and other formats, as well as animation and interesting presentations.

2. Interactive immersion of students into the material

The main requirement of edutainment is the mutual teacher-student communication. The children have a full right to participate in educational process, perceiving it as an interesting quest in search of new knowledge.  In such mode the education a child learns, but with a great joy and pleasure, together with mastering of such skills as: checking of information learned, contemplating, inventing, thinking and planning.

3. Knowledge is presented as a prize in a role game

One of the most popular form of interactive education is role game. As a rule, its participants learn to perform correct actions in a certain life situation modelled by the teacher. Despite the fact that such methods has existed for a long time, it is rarely applied in Ukrainian schools (the lessons in the form of role game are usually conducted by literature teachers).

Lidia Fisunova, primary school teacher


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