Ho-Ho Production Vol.2: winter school break DONE!

Ho-Ho Production Vol.2: winter school break DONE!

School break is the time for interesting experiments, search for the new impressions and discovery of amazing talents!  We are telling you about our winter school camp: «Ho-Ho Production Vol.2»!

Let’s refresh our memories by recollecting how we discovered the secrets of the fragments from our favourite movies and cartoons, conducted the workshops, passed the quests and transformations!

And do you remember the «cartoon yummies» – desserts made from the most favourite sweets of cartoon characters?

Interesting experiments?

And do you recall our final costumed cinema- and disco-party!

You must admit that the variety of our adventures is breathtaking!

Three schools in Kyiv and Lviv united over 200 participants, and all of them have the best memories!

But the time spent so fun tend to past so fast, leaving the positive emotions and unforgettable impressions.

So, we are eagerly waiting for our spring break! Because if we study well we rest well. Believ us, the spring Eco Friendly Camp has lots of suprises for you!

You can see even more bright emotions in our photo albums:

Photo report Osokorky 1

Photo report Osokorky  2

Photo report Holosiivo  1

Photo report Lviv 1

Photo report Osokorky 3

Photo report Holosiivo 2

Photo report Lviv 2

Photo report Lviv 3


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