April Wave immersion

April Wave immersion

This month we had a real spring. The sun shone brighter, our mood became more positive, and the wish to explore the world around us kept growing.  That’s what CISC students worked on in April:

Kyiv, Evolution

We finished the April wave with interesting excursions and projects:

✓ Made a creative reconstruction of the dinosaur world;
✓ Conducted an archaeological excavation;
✓ Searched for the dinosaur eggs…in the school yard;
✓ Went on excursion to Paleontological department of the National Museum of Natural Science of Ukraine. We participated in a quest and searched for fossils;
✓ Held a shark tooth and dinosaur tooth in our own hands;

✓ Made an imprint of a starfish;
✓ Demonstrated the knowledge obtained within a month in brain storms and trivia quizzes;
✓ Learned how to shoot a bow;

✓ We had a deep immersion into the evolution of cinematography;
✓ Designed a project of smart city, made parks for the dinosaurs and a landscape of Jurrasic period;
✓ Presented dinosaurs hand-made by us.


Lviv, ECO

This April’s wave immersion engaged the whole school!

✓Junior school students, assisted by their teachers, kept forming a conscious perception of the world around us, animate and inanimate nature, constructed figurines from plastic, gathered waste paper and used batteries for recyclling, eagerly took care of plants, small trees and animals. And they also cretaed their own ecological cartoon.

✓Senior school students studied the functioning of the ecosystem as whole, Tey solved ecological problems concerning the ways of protecting the ecosystems, calculated how many food a fox with 30 kg weight requires.


✓Ecological brain-ring was held between the students of the 7th grade, where the participants had an opportunity to demonstrate all their knowledge obtained at biology lessons. To determine the animals’ behaviour in different conditions, their peculiarities of adjustment to the surroundings and their influence on humans.

✓8th-graders became the designers of eco-bags.


✓6th-graders helped the «House of rescued animals» shelter.

✓5th-graders now know the period of glass degeneration and can suggest several options for its recycling (for instance, use in interior design, decoration or practical application).


✓9th-graders presented their works on eco-topics before the junior students.

Well, now we are ready to move on to the last wave immersion in this academic year!

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