Wave immersion: defending the projects

Wave immersion: defending the projects

The week of final September project defences in CISC:

✅ We held the Scientific conference and VERBAL BATTLE DEBATE “Pros and cons of the Mars colonization”.
In such manner the second year students have finished the first wave immersion this year “I am a Traveller” in CISC_Kyiv. 

✅The first year students travelled through France, England and Brazil, made the project of their own Disney-land and visited the Carnival in Brazil, while more experienced third year students amazed us with their journeys to the Easter Island and their own myths about moai.  

 We meet the foreign mass media and the Chancellor of Germany – Angela Merkel. 😎 in CISC_Kyiv. School that teaches how to think

 We explore the outer space and the European Union countries at thematical pres-conference as a part of defending the “I am a Traveller” wave immersion in the 2nd and the 3rd grades, together with the parents and CISC students in CISC_Kyiv!

✅We present the junior school projects as a part of the “I ama Ukrainian” wave immersion in CISC_Lviv. School that teaches how to think. The children searched for the answers, exploring various aspects of Ukrainian authenticity – folk dances and national cuisine, games and ornaments, together with learning their origin and lineage. 

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