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November wave immersions

November wave immersions

Autumn, you were wonderful! We would like to share with you what we worked on this November.


«Chose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life» (Confucius).

During «THE BEST AND THE MOST» wave our immersion the youngest of our CISC students travelled in a time machine… Would you like to know more? Let us recollect the best and brightest moments of this November’s wave…

🌫 We constructed a time machine that teleported us into the future. Real experts worked on this project: an astrologist, a coach, a chef specializing in molecular cuisine, and even a climate policeman. We learned about future professions and invented our own unsusual ones.

🌫 We had a research-to-practice conference where we made short reports on “The best and the most” of the animal world.

🌫 In our time machine, we travelled into the past: we watched some video footage about our scientists’ earliest childhood years.

🌫 We learned even more about the inventions of Leonardo вa Vinci – the genius who outpaced his time.

🌫 We competed in the intellectual show «The smartest one»

🌫 We conducted an exciting experiment, a «Volcanic eruption».

🌫 We invented professions for a robot able to perform all the tasks simultaneously.

🌫 We were really impressed by the acting debut of our first-graders in their puppet show «An owlet who wanted to be the best». Due to their acting technique, inventiveness and creativity, little CISC students successfully demonstrated the profound amount of knowledge they obtained this November, and proved that this knowledge is practical and exciting.


November wave immersion in junior school «Anatomy of a book» was harmoniously united with Ukrainian language wave in senior classes.

While our junior students read, wrote, illustrated, created and studied a book, senior students immersed into language research.

– During the Ukrainian language wave, the fifth grade students worked enthusiastically on the project “Ancient names of the months”, exploring their etymology and derivation, folklore sayings, proverbs, tokens and lore mentioning such lexical units.

– Sixth grades made illustrations to phraseological units.

– Seventh grades gathered and presented synonyms to verbs styled as “Love is…” posters

– Eighth grades wrote stories where all words started with a certain letter and then made a comics from them. THese comics will be printed in the special edition of the school newspaper

– Ninth grades made a project based on the main changes in Ukrainian spelling rules and presented it to the teachers and senior grade students.

– Tenth grades played a simulation game “UN Model” and debated whether we need a Law on State language, cosplaying delegates from different countries: Ukraine, Romania, Switzerland, Estonia, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Hungary and the UK.

And the final point in this month’s wave immersion was made by the demonstration of documentary movie to the teachers and the senior students, “The Nightingale sings”. Its creators are trying to find the answer to the question: “why is it a nonsense for many citizens to speak Ukrainian within Ukraine in the XXI century, why are these citizens reluctant and rejecting?”. They immerse far back into the history, explore and bust the myths that were imposed throughout centuries as the only truth concerning the boundaries, the spheres and the native-speakers of Ukrainian language.

We are grateful to this Autumn for such amazing adventures!

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