Wave of March – EVOLUTION

Wave of March – EVOLUTION

🚗This March we travelled through time together with junior CISC school. Our latest “wave immersion” was full of new experience, since we have learned and made so many new things:
🔹 We tried ourselves as archeologists and performed excavations.
🔹 Created 3D model of a primeval cave, a mammoth, primitive work tools.
🔹 We went on an archeological expedition.
🔹 We studied the myths about the “Origin of the Universe”.
🔹 Explored the daily routine, habitation, work tools and clothes of primeval humans.
🔹 We studied the Ancient Egypt, its culture and written language.
🔹 Created the book “Mysterious life of primeval humans with the dinosaurs”.
🔹 We immersed into the mysterious world of the largest creatures that have ever walked the Earth.
🔹 At the creative workshop we re-created the primeval humans, flora, fauna and the dinosaurs.
🔹 Using pieces of charcoal, we reproduced the drawings from the Lascaux cave, where the petroglyphs made by primeval humans have been discovered.
🔹 Created the map of Ukrainian castles. The students worked at  ІТ classes, searching for the necessary information, taking virtual tours around the castles. Under every picture on the map you can find the short information summary about each of the castles, the distance to it and the facts about it that children thought to be the most interesting. The map was placed near the school entrance together with the QR-code.
🔹 Now we know what papyrus is, and we even made it ourselves.
🔹 Junior students organized a creative defense of this wave for their older colleagues: they made the presentation about primeval humans and their way of life.
🔹 We learned how and why the pyramids were built, who the pharaohs were, and what the Ancient Egyptians invented.
✅ During the wave the students obtain experience: personal, scientific, creative and even professional. And they also learn to cooperate, work within a team, speak in public, defend their point of view, convince others, present themselves and listen to others.
👨‍🏫 Knowledge+experience+competences = confident personality, able to find the inter-relation between different processes and phenomena, to explore this world with interest and curiosity, to make own independent decisions, cooperate with others and create the future with every day.

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