December wave immersion «The Art»

December wave immersion «The Art»

This month was full of creativity. We explored art from different aspects, and were not just observers, but also the creators. We painted paintings, made different art compositions, made the «School alone» movie, immersed into the art of music through perfotrming the works of famous composers. And we staged so many performances, and got acquainted with the art of theater.

«Art is the prizm through which we look at the world and ourselves in it. The art develops the personality, in particular, such qualities as imagination and creative approach to life. Through art we can realize the things we will never get from real life experience»

This month was magical, and it helped every one of us to reveal the new aspects of our creativity.
During the waves, students gain experience: life, science, creativity, even professional. And students learn to cooperate, interact in a team, speak in public, defend their position, present themselves and listen.

Knowledge + experience + competencies = confident personality, able to find connection between different processes and phenomena, to explore this world with deep interest, to interact with others and to create own future with every passing day.

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