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November wave «Magic of a Word»

November wave «Magic of a Word»

We have defended the November wave projects «Magic of a Word». This month was really magical, we had so many adventures in literature.
✨Magical atmosphere while reading the fairy-tales in the library.
✨The art of composing our own literature works.
✨Presenting ideas for the libraries of the future.
✨Interviews with the teachers and opinion polls for the adults.
✨Reading extracts from «Harry Potter»
✨Intellectual battle «Word expertise», quizes, contests, quest «Labyrinths of the language», challenge in compliments, the box of happiness.
✨Singing the song «Ukraine is You» in hand-language.
✨Presenting our favourite books.
✨Making the class book with creative illustrations .
✨Shooting the warmest video ever with our gratitude to the parents.
♦ During the whole month, the junior grades of the CISC Network of schools explored one topic uniting all academic subjects. The children analyzed the topic from different aspects.
The students will be able to operate the knowledge properly only if its is provided in a comprehensive manner, modelling the real life, when the tasks in language, math and natural science etc. are related. This type of integration involves the real needs of CISC students, their interests and their life.
✅ During the wave the students obtain experience: personal, scientific, creative and even professional. And they also learn to cooperate, work within a team, speak in public, defend their point of view, convince others, present themselves and listen to others.
💜 Knowledge + experience + competencies = confident personality, able to find connection between different processes and phenomena, to explore this world with deep interest, to interact with others and to create own future with every passing day.

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