February wave immersion – the SPACE

February wave immersion – the SPACE

We are back! 🚀
This February we travelled the outer space and explored the Universe together with CISC students. And at the end of the month we defended the wave immersion projects.
Wave immersions is one of the teaching approaches in CISC. Within a single month junior classes of all CISC school network study all the disciplines through the prism of one topic. And in February we studied the”SPACE”:
✨ Studied the planets, stars and constellations, galaxies and celestial bodies.
✨We developed the ideas of purifying the space from space garbage.
✨We created 3D models of constellations, shared some interesting information, facts, legends, and demonstrated our ability to find them on the celestial charts.
✨We created models of the Solar system, depicted our and neighbouring galaxies, made the models that explain the change of seasons and day/night in the form of a game.
✨Did you know that in the Pacific Ocean there is a place for depleted spacecrafts – the point of Nemo? At the integrated lesson we looked for this place, defined the nearest location of people, found out its purpose.
✨We played the intergalactic game of «What? Where? When?», fighting for the honorary title of «Space scientist».
✨Presented our own planets with an ecosystem, inhabitants and other specifics.

✅ The students obtain various experience during the wave immersions: practical, scientific, creative and even professional. And they also learn to cooperate, interact within a team, speak in public, defend their opinions, convince others and listen to their opinion, present themselves.

💜 Knowledge+experience+competences = confident personality, able to find connection between different processes and phenomena, to explore this world with deep interest, to interact with others and to create own future with every passing day.

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