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Wave of February. How CISC students said good-bye to Winter

Wave of February. How CISC students said good-bye to Winter

We are ready for spring adventures and discoveries! Let’s recollect how we immersed into February theme waves, the things we have learned and created with our own hands, the interesting places we have visited and discoveries we have made. Winter, you were special! 

Wave immersion “Library”, Kyiv

This February, we were warmed by the unbelievable stories from our favourite books. And now we enjoy reading even more since we had so many “literary adventures”:

✓We met the famous Ukrainian writers who visited CISC;

✓With our own eyes, we watched the book being created;

✓We spent a night at Hogwarts reading “Harry Potter”;

✓We studied the popular fonts and figured out where to apply them;

✓We built the “City of the books we have read”, filling it with book-houses made with our own hands;

✓We wrote our own books: generated the ideas, worked on the stories and illustrations;

✓Visited the National library named after V.I.Vernadsky, the Museum of books and printing, the “Poligrafist” (Printer) factory;

✓Created the survey checklists for literary characters;

✓Studied the biographies of famous authors in an interesting and creative manner.

And, most importantly, we spent a lot of time in our favourite Books&Art Space in School.

Photo report

Wave immersion “The stars above us”, Junior school, Lviv

Planets, stars and comets overflowed the imaginations of CISC students and filled the lessons and school time with space wonders. The students explored the planets of the Solar system, made miniature models, calculated the distances and the speed of light, imagined their own planets and their inhabitants. And then, presented their works at the Space party.

✓We explored the space music. Together with the musician, the founder of music space in Lviv Vedel School, Michael Balog, the students recorded their first track, which was played at the fashion show.

✓We created and presented the first collection of space apparel, supervised by Ukrainian designer Olga Steblak. The students used recyclable materials, since the litter in Space would make it far less cosmic…

✓We explored the art objects – worked with paints and canvases, visualised our apprehensions and images of Space.

✓Created the cosmic photo zone that took us into the zero-gravity of Space, right to the stars, above the Earth atmosphere. And space goodies helped us feel it.

Now we return to the Earth, inspired and ready to move on!

Photo report

Wave immersion “Foreign language extravaganza”, Senior school, Lviv 

Integrated bilingual lessons, excursions, watching cartoons, writing fairy-tales,quests, theme days, contests and brain-rings – and all that English. And: idioms, proverbs, slang words and quotes written on hallway walls for everybody to read.

The final point of this wave immersion was the Fairy-tale ninjas competition among the students of 7, 8 and 9 grades. The students from parallel classes tried to define who knows the storylines, the names, the main characters and events of the fairy-tales in English language, who can solve all the puzzles and PLAY the piece from “The Snow White and the seven dwarves” cartoon.

Photo report

Hello, Spring! We have some interesting things planned for you too! 😊

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