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Wave of October: Ukraine

Wave of October: Ukraine

What if for one whole month we studied Ukrainian literature, discussed Ukrainian traditions and integrated Ukrainian language with almost all disciplines and subjects? By the way, do you like this idea – to study Ukrainian ornaments at the information science classes, and then embody them in a T-shirt design?


What if we discussed protective charms, traditions, and made an itinerary for travelling between cities of Ukraine, came to school in our embroidered vyshyvankas, participated in theme-based workshops, visited historical sites? It would mean that we had a 100% immersion into a very important wave topic – Ukraine.


We had been working thouroughly before this autumn break in order to discover Ukraine from various aspects, to learn about the facts which are not obvious and require a more detailed study.
Now we love Ukraine even more, we are ven more proud and now much more new things about her.
    • What is wave immersion at CISC, and why is this approach practical?

    During the month, the junior classes of CISC schools study one specific topic in all disciplines, which unites them all. During the month, students analyze it from different aspects.

    • What does it give?

    International research shows that students can better operate the knowledge only when it is presented holistically, modeling real life, where the problems of language, mathematics, science, and so on are intertwined. Such integration is about the real-life needs of CISC students, their interests, and their lives.

At the wave imersion, the students obtain experience: personal, scientific, creative and even professional. And they also learn to cooperate, work within a team, speak in public, defend their point of view, convince others, present themselves and listen to others.

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