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III Inter-school Tournament in logic and mathematics “STEM at school”

III Inter-school Tournament in logic and mathematics “STEM at school”

If it’s Saturday, then it’s time for STEM!

🔹On April 20 the III Inter-school Tournament in logic and mathematics “STEM at school” was held.
We were glad to meet the teams of school students from Kyiv, Cherkasy, Bojarka, Kryvyj Rig and Kharkiv. This year’s Tournament gathered more than 100 participants! The teams from 5, 6, and collective teams from 7-8 and 9-10 grades took part in the competition.

☑️The students solved creative problems according to PISA program, which included tasks in:
for 5-6 grades – natural science, mathematics, biology, geography,  information science and logic;
for 7-10 grades: mathematics, physics, geography, biology, chemistry, information science and logic.

7-10 grade students also worked on creation of own projects, among which there were measuring devices and robots. They had to apply a good deal of intellectual efforts to make projects that would correspond to the set topic – “The four Elements of Nature”. The projects were surprising and mega-interesting – a device that measures the humidity of soil; a scale that can measure the weight of the air; a device that measures the length of a curve; a robot that performs set functions; a device that measures the depth of water bodies.

The day was indeed logical and mathematical. We thank all the participants, their accompanees and the whole CISC team for organization of this event. It was so pleasant to receive a positive feedback about the Tournament! It inspires us for further accomplishments.💛

🎊🎉We congratulate our winners:
5 grades – team “ECO-friends”, “Ecology and Culture” Lyceum
6 grades – team “Lime”, “Sofia” Educational Complex
7-8 grades – team “Full crum”, Bojarka Academic Lyceum “Harmony”
9-10 grades – team “220V charge”, Gymnasium №107 “Vvedenska”

Till next STEM meetings!😊


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