Stories of CISC graduates. About the role of creativity for the society as a whole and each person separately. Oleksandra Tsapko

Stories of CISC graduates. About the role of creativity for the society as a whole and each person separately. Oleksandra Tsapko

We share the stories of our graduates. Oleksandra Tsapko tells us about the rolle of creativity in life, about the spheres where that skill may become useful, and why it is important for the whole society.

Why did you decide to enroll at KAMA, Kyiv Academy of Media Arts?

I’ve always been interested in design and creative industry, and my father is also engaged in that sphere. I like creating things, imagining and realizing interesting projects. I can say that I’ve loved creativity since I was a small child.

In which spheres, in your opinion, is creative approach  the most necessary?

In graphic design you need creativity 100%. Because your work must be not only attractive, but promoting some business goals.

Profession of a teacher requires creativity, which I could see in school. Making the lesson interesting, motivating the students, structuring the lesson so it could include different types of activity – all this is about being creative.

Which creative studies in CISC were the most memorable for you?

I enjoyed the history lessons, we always explored historical processes in an interesting manner together with Mr. Glib. I also really liked English in CISC, and Ms. Julia, who motivated us and made creative lessons, and we were always interested and eager to visit her lessons

Which CISC experience was useful for you?

Focusing on a certain task, immersing into it deeply, without diverting attention to other things.

Why is creativity important for development of the society?

To develop creativity inside yourself means to develop the ability  to respect other opinions, to analyze the situation in multiple dimensions. All this is important for development of the society.

If we take urban planning, decoration of cities, architectural solutions – they require a creative approach and a good level of creativity.

Why does every person need to develop creativity?

Creativity helps to reveal the strong qualities and new aspects of a person, to communicate with people and to be open for something new. Creativity is cool, and it can be applied anywhere.

Which projects are you working on now?

In addition to my studies, I’m also working on a photo exhibition together with my friend, a photographer.

The projects that you would like to make in the future

I have several dreams. I would like to work in an advertising agency, and to implement my ideas there. I also compose music,  that’s why I would like to make video clips with my profession and creativity, and to develop in that direction. I want to implement my ideas in this country.

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