Stories from the CISC life. On what values do we build the school future

Stories from the CISC life. On what values do we build the school future

Our deeds describe our values. What values guide us in CISC? A few school stories, and you will understand everything.


Once upon a time, the younger CISC members learned about such professions as city farmer and agroponic — people who design gardens and orchards on roofs, houses, or offices. Concerned about the preservation and reproduction of the environment is terrible. ‘’Mrs. Lydia, let’s plant plants in our classroom too!’’; By the end of the school day, cups with bean sprouts were well-placed on the windowsill of the office. At the end of the week, the ‘’virus’’; of environmental responsibility spread throughout the school. And by the end of the month, they realized that it was important not only to initiate the project but also to support it. Responsibility is not just about yourself, and we have long understood this.

School pupils


Painting a wall pink is not creativity yet. But to make an art object out of an ordinary wall, near which there is a queue for a photo, is the next level.

Learn fractions in music lessons? What could be more creative! After all, ¾ is not only a mathematical fraction but also the musical size of a waltz.

Is it not a creative decision to defend a unique project in the 10th grade – an author’s chatbot that helps Ukrainian students prepare for exams?

Creativity is a science. Every lesson in CISC is integrated with it. 

Creative students


The autumn fair at CISC is when you approach the stand with delicacies; you ask: ‘’Who made such tasty pies?’’; and you get the answer: I’m with Dad. ‘’I’’ is for interaction.

Or when two teachers, going to class, discuss creative plans for the future, and here: ‘’Listen! And let’s practically explore with children how you can divide noodles in half using physical and mathematical methods.’’ A unique integrated lesson is ready.

In music, we also show a lot of interaction: we orchestrate at Art Song classes or play four hands at the concert ‘’Musical Embroidery’’. The case when you think not about your own ‘’solo’’, but about a harmonious sound in partnership. Interaction in CISC is an essential ingredient of productivity.


Haven’t you ever wondered why a ‘’sugar-free’’ diet circle is sweeter than a sugar circle? We thought about it and decided to explore the topic even more intensely: we analyzed the history of the brand, marketing strategy, determined the chemical composition of the drink, and proved the presence of orthophosphate acid in the product. Remember where it all started? Ah, yes! In the diet, sugar substitutes are used instead of sugar.

Once the nitrates’ content in early vegetables was determined experimentally by CISC students, you would have to give up your favorite cabbage salad after looking at the results. Someone would do so, but we are looking for new solutions until we calm down. That’s why we learned how to process vegetables to reduce their nitrate content significantly.

Development, constant curiosity, search for new solutions. We notice black and white, but we learn to distinguish halftones, applying unique learning approaches in practice. To drink cola or not, to eat early vegetables or not – after researching the problem, we give students a base of practical knowledge based on which everyone can make decisions. Development is not a ton of learned theory; it is an opportunity for freedom of choice based on quality knowledge.


When Sasha supports Real Madrid and Maxim supports Juventus, and the guys do not shout at each other during the break with the impressions of a football match but discuss – it’s respect.

Also, respect when you communicate on an equal footing with those who use a wheelchair when each person can see a unique personality.

It is difficult to accept a different point of view, especially for adults. That is why we continuously train the skill of listening to each other at school, respecting our colleagues’ opinions, and being attentive to those who need our help.

We live by our values and nurture them. This is the foundation on which we build the future.

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