«Fairytales for Grandma». How we created project with a soul

«Fairytales for Grandma». How we created project with a soul

From an idea to its realization. CISC_Lviv team has initiated a unique project «Fairytales for Grandma». It involves both the adult’s responsibility and the child’s kindness.

The point of the project is that CISC students write fairytales for lonely elderly people. And CISC teachers read those fairytales to grandmas and grandpas when visiting hospices and senior centres.

Olena Petrushkevych, psychologist of CISC_Lviv and fairytale therapist, tells us about the purpose of the project, means of its realization, the first results and the opportunity to join the project.

  1. How did the idea of this project arise? What is its purpose?

The project resulted from and inspirational wave immersion topic, the «Rebirth». The teachers were willing to regard not only the rebirth of nature, but also the rebirth of kind feelings, light thoughts, interest to life. And in the process of working with such idea the «Fairytales for Grandma» project was born.  Its purposes engaged all the participants – moderators of the lessons, teachers, children, people who listen to fairytales…

  1. How did the children react to the idea of writing fairytales for elderly people?

We wished to help the children understand the feelings of elderly people, and then suggest to help those people feel otherwise the way the children can – with fairytales. And the lessons were structured accordingly. The result was foreseeable – the children started writing fairytales eagerly.

  1. How do elderly people react to your initiative?

We found out beforehand whether such initiative would be beneficial for grandmas and grandpas at a hospice or a home for the elderly  – by communicating with the staff of such establishments. And when we came and read the children’s works we saw the result with our own eyes. The grandmas and grandpas were so content, and told us to say many thanks to the kids, told us about their own grandchildren or their own childhood, and they left the fairytales as souvenirs… They didn’t complain or share their suffering, but instead they remembered nice and pleasant things…

  1. What establishments did you decide to cooperate with?

We decided to cooperate with hospices, non-profit organizations that care about lonely elderly people.

  1. Do you plan to make this project wide-scale and how? Will other people have an opportunity to join the project ?

We wrote the fairytales with the third grade students. Next year we plan to engage the willing senior students. Beside that, we share the experience with our colleagues from other educational establishments so the idea could spread and continue to multiply the kindness both in children’s and adults’ hearts.

Via this link you can study the educational material of this project and support our initiative in your educational establishment or environment.

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