Case studies devoted to the Earth Day

Case studies devoted to the Earth Day

🌎For three days together with CISC students we searched for the ways of saving the Earth from global pollution:

✅We spoke about waste sorting and recycling;

✅Created books and posters about the types of waste sorting;

✅Suggested ideas for re-use of domestic appliances;


✅Learned about bionics – the science that animate nature with the purpose of applying such knowledge in practical human activity;

✅Evaluated the density of soil;


✅Suggested the ways of preserving the forests;

✅First-graders made a video about preservation of waters;

✅We conducted experiments through which we defined the density of terrestrial soil;

✅We shared our eco-friendly habits;

✅We studied the unique lakes and the most amazing corners of the world;

✅We learned how the Earth day is celebrated in other countries;

✅We made creative pictures, presentations and collages related to the topic «Planet Earth is my home»;


✅We studied the poetry of Maksym Rylskyj, in which he sings praise to the beauty of his Homeland. Our planet is so wonderful! We decided to apply maximum efforts to help preserve its beauty and purity. Would you like to join us?

🔹Case day format provides that all the classes that day are based on a certain vital topic which is regarded from different points os view. Through such approach a child learns to perceive the world around comprehensively, with understanding of inter-relations within it .


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