CISC at «Liberal arts: Leadership in Education» Forum. The insights of our experts

CISC at «Liberal arts: Leadership in Education» Forum. The insights of our experts

Experts from the CISC Network of schools participated in the forum for educators, which took place in two cities – Kyiv and Lutsk. Each of the forums united about 100 participants from different corners of our country. At the forums, the teachers and managers had an opportunity to discuss the educational challenges with the prominent experts of our country in that field.

Deputy Director for educational programs in CISC_Osokorky, Mykhailo Aliokhin, and the Manager of educational programs in CISC Network, Myroslava Tovkalo, shared their knowledge and cases on behalf of CISC. We are glad to apply our own example as the motivation for the teachers, headmasters and education managers of other schools. Because the educaiton system nowadays requires some vital changes in order to enable the schools to stimulate the students’ development and help their personal formation, instead of merely giving the knowledge.


«Modern school is not the «place of obedience», and not the institution offering the knowledge you are not allowed to doubt. Nowadays, in the atmosphere of open informational space, school is the platform teaching to systematize and verify the information, to raise critical questions and to find the answers related to the fragments of knowledge which may be  remaining deformed.

School is the place of choice, where a child  can try his/her strength in as many activities as possible, to present him/herself in contests, festivals, projects, volunteering activities, students government.

Besides the direct development of communication, research and project skills, a child acquires the experience, adjusts the inner measurement of personal interests and inclinations,  reveals the talents; all this, supported by the tutors’ and mentors’ supervision, help the child to be developed comprehensively and create the «circumstances for success».

Mykhailo Aliokhin, Deputy Director for educational programs in CISC_Osokorky

Together with the education managers, headmasters, and teachers, the forum participants conquered the stereotypes stating that “first, you need the resources, and only then – the ideas”.  Using the example of CISC, we analyzed the innovations in the educational process,  discussed the wave immersions, project activities and vocational immersions, and why such instruments as SchoolPass, «Intro» and «Reflection» improve the quality of educational process, and how the «school without gadgets» can be united with successful online education.

«The discussion sessions organized on the background of provocative art installations helped us think outside the box, generate and exchange the innovational ideas.  I believe that we managed to have a sincere conversation about innovations in educational sphere. One of the sessions was devoted to CISC. We talked about freedom and creativity as the two driving power for innovation in education.

Innovations in education is not only about the funding, or the modern education base. Innovation is about the people with a vision, who generate new ideas and implement them  in their educational practice.  Teachers-innovators can be found both in private and state-owned schools.  That’s why the importance of joint effort is obvious: we can enrich each other, and be inspired by each other’s success.    

I really wish that these «museum discussions» on innovation would cross the boundaries of theoretical speculations of how the private education can be the motor power for innovation, and would inspire the participants for practical measures aimed at implementing the changes in their schools. And, taking into consideration the fact that many of these educators already possess the experience of successful changes, the mission of Liberal Arts and CISC seems ACCOMPLISHABLE.»

Myroslava Tovkalo, Manager of educational programs in CISC Network

The «Liberal arts: Leadership in education» Forum is the intellectual platform for the meetings, dialogue and cooperation between the teachers striving into the future, who accept the modern challenges and support the idea of «learning during the whole life». The event is organized by the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership,  the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine,  the Center for National Sustainability and Development, the Education Mall and Ukraine NOW. We are happy to join this event and to motivate the others!

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