Rubik’s Cube Fest in Lviv. Congratulations to the winners!

Rubik’s Cube Fest in Lviv. Congratulations to the winners!

On April 13 in Lviv IІI Inter-school festival of logical games «Rubik’s Cube Fest» was held. We were glad to meet the teams of 4-9 grades from different schools of Ukraine. It was a real festival of logic, enthusiasm, and mathematical preciseness.

What were the hallmark momets of this year’s Fest? The exciting intellectual battle, competition of really strong teams, serious challenges, interesting tasks and intense finals.


We congratulate the winners:
– in category of 4-5 grades: team from Symonenko Gymnasium, Lviv
– in category of 6-7 grades: team from CISC_Kyiv
– in category of 8-9 grades: team from Lviv Academic Gymnasium


We thanks all the participants, our awesome fans and professional moderators for the drive and the unbelievable atmosphere  😊 See you next time!

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