Summer in England. Hear about our journeys and adventures firsthand.

Summer in England. Hear about our journeys and adventures firsthand.

Formula of a really cool summer looks like this: new experience + active rest + communication with interesting people from other countries + walks over historical and cultural sites + a little touch of sea breeze.

Twice this summer we became sure that such formula works when we had two exciting educational trips to England in the company of peers, the best teachers and friends-tutors.


English language camp Sparsholt

From the very first days in England our students became «part of the crowd». Local students became infatuated by CISC team spirit at once😊


Regular weekdays in Sparsholt were filled with not very regular activities:

we engaged in creativity, worked on joint projects within international teams – among others, we presented the project about the most prominent sites of London. And what can be better than outdoor sports after a day full of new impressions! By the way, we discovered some sports that our new for us – rugby and dodgeball.

Of course, we worked on improving our English: 30 hours of studies with a native speaker, constant communication with peers and colleagues and excursions in English brought great results.

We sang, danced at parties and concerts, shot a movie trailer.

We went on numerous excursions:

Winchester, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Downing Street, Trafalgar Square, British Museum, Oxford, Christ Church Oxford College, Bodleian Library.

«It was my first trip to Great Britain, and I liked it very much. Each day, we had interesting classes and activities, excursions were organized very often, so I managed to see London, and Oxford, and Portsmuth, just seize the moment! I would gladly join another trip with CISC🙂», says Kateryna Kryzhanivska, 7th grade student at CISC_Kyiv.

Upon finishing the course, the students obtained the Certificates and Student reports with feedback about their achievements and individual and academic results in Communication skills, Participation in class, Team work, Attendance and punctuality.


World of work camp, University of Greenwich

The beginning of studies at Greenwich was not less powerful. Upon passing the test, our travellers demonstrated a high level of knowledge in vocabulary, grammar, use of English. B2-C1!


The studies were conducted according to communicational method within international groups. Each week we were mixed in order to have an opportunity of working on projects with maximum number of different people.

Together with the colleagues from different countries we discussed the matters crucial for teenagers nowadays. For example, the importance of time management in everyday life; on perception of oneself as a unique personality with a full set of skills and wishes; the creativity and the future.

And we also passed an intensive business course aimed at forming comprehension of the competences vital for the modern job market

«This year, I’ve chosen the United Kingdom for my English language studies and recreation. My dear school, the CISC, organized the trip. In London, we were hosted by the University of Greenwich. Within the two weeks of my stay there, I’ve had lots of positive emotions, new acquaintances, I have improved my English language skills and the skills in different types of activities, I have learned to conduct business negotiations, develop my own products and advertise them. I enjoyed studying English language at the University because our teacher managed to make them interesting and exciting even when we studied the «boring» grammar or figured out complex grammar constructions. We stayed at the University campus, just as real British University students! The rooms were clean, comfy and equipped with all the things necessary for the comfortable education and accommodation. The excursions to London, Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge were interesting and insightful. I should also remark that my parents in Ukraine were confident in my safety since it was provided at the top level. There was our Group Leader(Miss Julia) responsible for our health and safety, but also the Welfare Managers. There were cameras all over the campus, through which the security guards could watch everything happening within the territory. Beside that, unauthorized people could not access the territory because all the doors could be opened only with an electronic key that only the teachers and the students have, and we could leave the University grounds only accompanied by our Group leader or Welfare Manager. I enjoyed my stay in England, and it was very beneficial.», Liza Melnychuk, 10th grade student at CISC_Kyiv, shares her impressions of the journey.

About business studies

One of the projects the children performed during the business studies was the creation of the new brand of sports shoes. They had to come up with a creative idea, motivate their choice, analyze the target customers for whom such invention might be useful, draft an advertisement poster, invent a slogan, write a material for a fashion magazine. In other words, they had to make a WOW project and present it to the audience.

Here is what we created: sports shoes that charge the Power Bank as you move; shoes that keep the feet temperature stable, comfotable no-lace shoes, customized shoes created in collaboration with the brands popular among teenagers…


We had time both for studies and for entertainment. The party in the club located in the University basement was amazing.

And the International night, where our students came wearing vyshyvankas, will always remain in our hearts. When the children sang the national anthem of Ukraine, everyone in the audience stood up!

Evening walking tours over London, boat trips, numerous excursions and some shopping – we managed to be everywhere, and we were so inspired.

«This trip to England was marvellous and full of different events. I liked everything so much: the teachers expleined everything so well and gave us interesting materials and projects. The excursions were various and exciting. I’ve seen and learned so many new things. I am very grateful for this journey.», Olia Kisterska, 11th grade student at Lyceum #241.

Travels and excursions

We travelled to Cambridge, were near King’s College, walked over London, went on Regenerating King’s Cross area walking tour.

We had a glimpse of the University of Sunderland, where young people from all over the world study art and design. By the way, the cloister betwen the University buildings twice a year becomes one of the locations for London fashion week, where the headhunters can watch the works of beginning designers. And the University is now constructing its own theater where the works of the future costume designers and scene designers will be tested. Such creative idea has impressed and inspired our travellers.

Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Royal Stables, St James’ Park, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Covent Garden, Millennium bridge… What is our superpower for managing so many things on time? There is a simple secret – to be open to all the things new and enjoy everything a day brings.

Well, these are the highlights we will surely remember. Despite the heat, the summer was so cool!

We would like to thank everyone related to our journeys – students, teachers, tutors and the organizing team. You are incredible!

To be continued…

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