International debate tournament Harvard College World Schools Invitational

International debate tournament Harvard College World Schools Invitational

For the first time in CISC history! We greet the team from CISC_Holosiivo school and their mentorWe are so proud of the way the children and their mentor found the , Olena Sagitova, with the victory in the finals and the amazing debating experience at Harvard College World Schools Debate Invitational 2021.
Over 185 teams from all over the world participated in the tournament: USA, Canada, UK, Denmark, China, Mexico, and one team from Ukraine. There was only one team from the post-soviet countries, and it was our team 💜
The Harvard College Debating Union (HCDU) was established in autumn 1981, and it is the single international debating association of the Harvard College, and has the title of the leading debating association in the country.  HCDU is one of the most successful debating teams in the world, with the record of 11 national titles.
🔹Here are some highlights of the tournament:
The topics for debating were announced a month before the tournament.
1. THBT the US government should nationalize Facebook and Twitter
2. THS the West imposing economic sanctions on Myanmar.
And then there was a month of profound preparation and persistent work. A day before the tournament date we received the time schedule and the details of the debate.  We were worried and confident at the same time, in front of the cameras, in the online space. We should point out that use of the internet sources was prohibited.
We finished the first day at 23.30. We are so proud of the way the children and their mentor found the strength and motivation within themselves.
After every round there was the feedback from the judges, and one time there was a very detailed feedback to the teams by the HCDU trainer.
The result of our CISC team is incredible! There were ups and downs, of course. We received a comment from professional of one of the best colleges of the world, and now we have a new direction for development, and we will definitely work in that direction.
It’s such an amazing experience!
Academic English, high vocabulary level, very swift pronunciation, to make everything in time only within 8 minutes! We had to hear, understand, find the answer and rebut the argument. And we practically had no time to prepare.
We are proud of our team, and the new international achievements, and we are full of belief! 💜 And even the online mode did not prevent us from participating in an international event, which makes us even more proud for the CISC community!

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