The BattleBots – inter-school robotics competition

The BattleBots – inter-school robotics competition

We held the robotics competition – the BattleBots – between the students of CISC_Holosiivo and CISC_Osokorky.  In the course of intense Robo-fights  the students have demonstrated their creativity, teamwork and the profound knowledge of robotics.
Our congratulations to the winners!
1 place – Oleksand Sotenskyi and Vadym Savioglo, CISC_Osokorky
2 place- Alisa Popova and Mark Vilchynskyi, CISC_Holosiivo
3 place – Mykyta Starodubtsev and Theodor Matviichuk, CISC_Osokorky
The students made all the constructions on their own, without  any additional software or websites. The construction process lasted for 50 minutes (or 1 hour), including programming and testing of the robot.
The programming was made via Lego WeDo 2.0 appilcation.
The victory was given to the team whose robot:
– remained within the limits of the field;
– destroyed the other robot in the fight (the rival robot lost the ability to move);
– the robot was closer to the center of the filed than the rival.
We thank the teachers, Ms Nataliia Shestakova and Victoria Konofolska for this awesome game!

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