II Inter-school Tournament “STEM at school”

II Inter-school Tournament “STEM at school”

On June 14 CISC welcomed 20 schools from different corners of Ukraine at the II Inter-school logical-mathematical Tournament “STEM at school”

Kyiv, Lutsk, Iuzhnoukrainsk, Boiarka competed each other in solving creative problems under PISA program, which includes tasks in the sphere of natural sciences, math, geography, biology, information sciences and logic, in the form of STEM-tournament  for Junior league (5-6th grades) and defending of own projects for the Middle league (7-9th grades).

We congratulate the winners:

Junior league (5th grades) – team «Lybid», Gymnasium #34 «Lybid», that demonstrated logical and mathematical thinking at a high level  during the brain-ring.

Junior league (6th grades) – team «CISC» that turned out to be the fastest and managed to answer almost all tournament questions.

Middle league (7th grades) – team «KPLT», Kyiv-Pechersk Lyceum #171 «Leader», that found and solve all 10 problems in the mathematical fairytale «Mysterious adventure. Story of one journey».

Middle league (8-9th grades) – team «CISC» that presented its project “Smart house or smart host” and turned out to be the most innovative!

See you next time!

Photo report of the II Inter-school Tournament “STEM at school”

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