Model of a satellite and «living pictures»… How we finished the III block of CISC_Weekend School

Model of a satellite and «living pictures»… How we finished the III block of CISC_Weekend School

Warning! While reading this article, you may become possessed by a strong desire to become a child once again and visit one of our Saturdays. We finished the third block of CISC_Weekend School, and we have lots to share with you. Let’s recall our fantastic Saturdays, each of which revealed new talents, new aspects of the students’ creativity, involved us into interesting experiments and realized the fantastic ideas of young explorers!

Kyiv. «Legendary personas»

1 Saturday. We started with the stories of success of famous personalities in the sphere of business and IT. We learned about the world’s most famous companies. We played, determined our entrepreneurial skills, studied brand logotypes and created our own with computer graphics, then animating them in Scratch environment.  Photo report

2 Saturday. We got acquainted with astronomers, learned interesting facts about celestial bodies, watched the exploration of the Mars and the Moon; we experimented, creating a glowing space liquid. At the cooking master class we made a model of the Earth and, in such fun manner, learned about our planet’s structure. We created and programmed the model of a satellite, Mars rover vehicle and the Solar system; we constructed models of a spaceship and robot-planet rover; we had a quest in which we felt zero gravity – travelled through the constellations and planets, delivered meteorites to the laboratory. Photo report

3 Saturday. We faced the «Star titans» and the new era in space. We learned what a satellite monitoring is, and what contribution entrepreneurs make into space exploration, and who were the first space tourists. We studied the space stories described in movies, cartoons and fairytales; imagined and wrote our own fairytale about space adventures; created  spacecrafts with fairytale heroes, designed rockets.  Photo report

4 Saturday. We played various musical instruments. We learned two brilliant musical pieces: «Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy» by P.I.Tchaikovsky from «The Nutcracker» ballet and «Anitra’s Dance» by Edvard Grieg from «Peer Gunt» Sonata. We were inspired by the hit songs of Elvis Presley, Freddy Mercury, Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney, and then expressed our emotions in colours by drawind amazing fantasies. At the robotechnics classes we constructed the robot stars: drummer monkey, robot singer, dancing robot and a ballerina. And, of course, we conducted some interesting experiments. Photo report

5 Saturday. CISC students got acquainted with the most famous scientists: Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edisson.  We composed our own fairytales devoted to discoveries and experiments; we tried to guess the famous scientists from the portraits on modern banknotes; we designed the image of a «mad scientist» and created cool magical glasses that help you generate briliant ideas if you wear them! We made discoveries in SCRATCH environment, and at acting techniques class we improvised and tried on different roles. Photo report

6 Saturday. We concentrated on Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions, We tried to imagines ourselves in his shoes and reproduce the invention of a parachute. We even had a contest – whose parachute flies better. At the robotechnics classes we got creative: we made robots that help the humankind explore the world. And, of course, we had some remarkable experiments: created gas in bubbles, observed the bright visual effects when the bubbles burned, discharged iodine crystals, conducted colourful reactions that turned into mega-foam. And, to top it all up, we had an excursion to the Experimentanium.  Photo report

7 Saturday. We got acquainted with «Those who reached the Olympus» – sports legends who motivated CISC students for their own victories. We got creative making athletes of the Winter Olympics,  we learned about the notion of «statics» and «dynamics», which we put into practice at the «Acting techniques». The children had a real «Olympic adventure» – a fun sports competition. And we couldn’t do without SCRATCH-programming! Photo report

8 Saturday. We travelled via the pages of the kids’ most favourite literature works, and met the legendary personas who wrote them and created such fantastical world for us. We read and discussed the works of Joan Rowling, Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Astrid Lindgren, Hans Christian Andersen, and we learned some interesting facts from their biographies; we composed our own fairytales; made a pop-up book; constructed robots-fairytale characters; transformed into the characters of our favourite works and expressed our emotions on camera. Photo report

9 Saturday. We had a glimpse of the first discoveries of the continents, unbelievable adventures of Christopher Columbus, James Cook, Jacues-Yves Cousteau and Thor Heyerdahl. We learned about the discoveries of the greatest sea explorers and made a map of our own discoveries.  We even made touristic itineraries to certain countries and sold tours. Photo report

10 Saturdays. We got acquainted with the legendary personas who made Ukraine famous all over the world. We played theme-based business games and studied business etiquette. At «I am an Artist» course we discovered the vivid persona of Ukrainian sculpturer, Oleksandr Arkhypenko. The magic of art had us all captivated!. The children drew improvised lines with their eyes closed and then searched for the images within them and made cubism-styled drawings. At the robotechnics classes we designed sports robots and had them compete with each other. We conducted action experiments with dry ice and the ice-cream that we made. Photo report 

11 Saturday. The camera flashes, the party, the red carpet, the award ceremony and the greatest achievements in this Block! This Saturday, we felt what star life is like  for «The Genius of Transformation» and celebrated the majestic finale of the «Legendary Personas».

We also learned how cinema appeared and who were the first actors to change the world of art; we composed fairytales; participated in pantomime master class; learned how to improvise and use acting «tricks» from the genius Charlie Chaplin. We created a retro-camera with photofilm full of bright pictures, and studied the history of cinematographic art.  At the end we had an amazing ceremony where each participant received a certificate for finishing the Block and Oscar statuette!  We took fantastic photos at the star photozone and had the greatest time at the neon bubble show. We thank everyone who participated and look forward to meeting you again next season that starts on April 6!  Photo report



1 Saturday. In this Block of studies we explored art and got sooooo creative! We visited the most extraordinary museums and galleries of the world, saw Van Gogh’s paintings, and even cooked a reproduction of one of his works and ate it . We created a gallery of animals with human qualities as exhibits. We visualized the natural phenomena; studied the works of Arcimboldo, the creator of «tasty» paintings and the fan of fruits and vegetables. CISC students joined this artist and created pictures using his technique. Photo report

2 Saturday. Did you know that black colour may cover inside it red or blue? And a balloon filled with water is fire-resistant? We tested it in practice and can confirm those theories 100%! This Saturday, we created sculptures, Learned what copyright law is and why it must be adhered to; we created 2D characters in Thinkercad, made stickers using Photoshop; learned to hear others, to work in a team and take the responsibility for the results of joint work.  Photo report

3 Saturday. We learned even more facts about the amazing world of Japanese art. We started the day with meeting a veterinarian-groomer from LCE «LEV» clinic, where we learned about correct pet care. There were lots of funny questions asked. We mastered new Photoshop instruments and made some interesting story plots in Tinkercad. At «RoboClass»we had a cat race: robotized animals competed for the right to catch the mouse! And now we also know how to depict joy or fear, curiosity or confusion in comics . Photo report

4 Saturday. This day was like a virtual trip, since we moved from the USA to Mexico, and then on to a journey over narrow European streets, exploring the murals. We learned to «read» the writing on the walls and worked on our own style of painting. We discovered the art of creating mosaic (pixel) scenes; explored the diffusion phenomena; and we also identified the banana DNA. We tried to solve the meaning of the world’s greatest sculptures, mastered the art of visual communication and learned to communicate with others through our own installations made of clay. Photo report

5 Saturday. We learned about the world-famous startups belong to Ukrainians; how to become a guru of SPINer-art; how to form spacial perception of geometrical bodies with marshmallows. At RoboClass, we enhanced our teamworking skills in «Animalium»: this time, we created toads and prepared them for the race. We created mini-posters with spinners and coded secret messages inside them. We spoke about the spring and how the world changes this season. We had to blow through a straw for the sun to shine, make  imprints in cotton-wool for the trees to bloom, and even apply paper quilling tqchniques to make our pictures come alive and for the insects to run around them. At «STEM-lab» we recalled the geometrical bodies and learned to reproduce them with marshmallow. Photo report

6 Saturday. This time, the «land art» in all its forms became the object for our exploration. We got acquainted with Andy Galsworthy, a land artist and a friend of nature. We also created our own compositions in the form of mandala made from seashells and clay. At the Science Lab, we learned about the chemistry around us – we experimented with carbon dioxide. We worked on making our own 3D prints, which we then turned into cool stickers. And we also had a great walk. Photo report

7 Saturday. At ART-SOUND we had a new view of the music and discovered it together in all its variety! Funny photos, watching a video about extraordinary musical instruments, first dress-up –  MUSIC SHOW, where the CISC students learned what a drum set concists of, what the rhythm is, and tried to remember the main moves, then drumming and giving new sound to the world’s greatest hits. We learned more about the sound waves and visualized the flows. We made the coolest «telephones» and could communicate with each other from the opposite sides of the school. We prepared creative surprises and refreshed our knowledge of English while playing the musical instruments. Photo report

8 Saturday. We explored the optical illusions. We studied the art of «silent storytelling» (pantomime). And now we know how to fall and run professionally, staying in one place, how to pull an imaginary rope and express our excitement with the victory without words. We learned about the ways of preparing molecular cuisine. And then fixed the knowledge in practice by cooking noodles from…. fruit juice! We explored the works of Vasarely and had fun in a survival game and worked on «Living pictures». Photo report

9 Saturday. The day was devoted to art as a scienceі.We did some cooking, conducted experiments with dry ice and presented to our peers and parents the projects on the following topics:

BUSINESS ART: «living pictures» demonstration, saw Frida and Van Gogh on podium with their «Autoportraits», «Mona Lisa» and even «The Son of Man»! We received the stickers we designed in Photoshop and Tinkercad. It is so amazing to understand that you are the author!

We presented the sculptural compositions, organized a science show, explained physical and chemical processes and surprised the viewers with exciting experiments! At the end, we had a prize-drawing, received presents and certificates, and then said good-bye until April 6, when the new Block will start.  Photo report

Will you join us?


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