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Language camp in Great Britain

Language camp in Great Britain

During the spring break CISC students and teachers had the second two-week journey with a fullscale immersion into educational process of a classical English school, Rydal Penhros School.

The school is situated in Northern Wales. Beside the usual subjects – Math, Science, English (essay- writing), Geography, Physics and Song Club  – children had an opportunity to participate in such exciting classes as home economics, sports and games (like fives, an old English game), robotechnics and drama that caught everyone’s fancy. Together with British students, children from CISC actively listened, discussed, made presentations, asked questions and rationalized their thoughts and ideas. After the studies, children had optional sports classes of football, tennis or badminton. The teachers of Rydal Penhros School generously shared with our teachers their experience, teaching methods and the secrets of success of the British education system. Such enlightening journey and studying in an old English school initiated some warm and friendly relations betwen Ukrainian and British students and between CISC and Rydal Penhros School.

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