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Linguistic Tournament in CISC_Kyiv

Linguistic Tournament in CISC_Kyiv

During two weeks, the School Linguistic Tournament took place in CISC_Kyiv.

The children skilfully competed in knowing of synonyms, antonyms, definitions and rare words in Ukrainian language. All participants demonstrated extraordinary artfulness in explaining the words chosen, searching and finding curios puzzles on the playfield, and grouping into teams.  Each team explained interesting words and recollected the objects and phenomena related to the topic suggested.

According to the results of the qualification stage, the following three teams passed to the finals:

Red (9.1)

Yellow (7.1)

Green (5.2)

The Red team won with the total result of 12 points;

Running a close second, with only one point missing, was the Yellow team.

The third place was taken by the Green team.

All participants received diplomas and sweets, and the winning team also received Alias – a logical game aimed at developing lexical vocabulary. 

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