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Olympic games in CISC

Olympic games in CISC

CISC_Kyiv hosted Olympic games where those wishing could participate in individual competitions (shot-put, discus throwing, standing jumps) and some integrated group races.

In the shot-put competition the ІІІ place was taken by Sofia Zviagintseva, ІІ – Andrij Bojko, І place was taken by Artem Virminskyj.

In the discus throwing competition the III place was taken by Sofia Oganesian, the II – Oleg Shevchuk, and the winner was Nikita Shcherban.

Standing jumps: the III place was taken by Dzvinka Glibovytska, the second was taken by Nikita Shcherban, and the I place was won by Artem Virminskyj.

In the team races the II place was taken by “Cosmostar” team, and “Invincible popsicles” became the winners.

The participants also had a great opportunity of obtaining the dancing experience during the Greek-style flashmob, everyone danced the “Sirtaki”!

All winners and participants received not only positive emotions, but tasty prizes too!

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