ORNAMENTality – photo project in Hrushevsky Museum

ORNAMENTality – photo project in Hrushevsky Museum

“My unique, native tongue! With Your word, I speak to You! Thanks to You, I am who I am, all my thoughts and words are special thanks to You! You are my instrument to open the world each day! You are the very beginning!”

On International native language day CISC students presented their own photo project, in which they were both the heroes and the inspirators. The exhibition with a symbolical name “ORNAMENTALITY” took place in Mykhailo Hrushevsky Museum in Lviv.
ORNAMENTALITY is a glance into the past, one more step towards understanding who we were and who we are now, an attempt of embracing the symbolism of this world and our place in it.
The children created images and studied the art of photography at our “I am an Artist” course. Vintage garments for the photo project were provided by the art teacher of CISC_Lviv, Tetiana Peretiatko, from her own collection of vyshyvankas. The photographs were made by Iryna Zukh, teacher of Ukrainian language in CISC_Lviv.
With this photo exhibition, we initiate creative cooperation with Mykhailo Hrushevsky Museum, some more interesting projects ahead!

Be inspired together with us!

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