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Autumn break with CISC

Autumn break with CISC

We had a 100% successful school break this autumn!

The kids had time for recreation, engaged in sports, studied in the day-time school camps “The secret life of pets” in Kyiv CISC schools.

We had a cool and fun time every day in our camps!

With lots of sports activities – at WooF race the participants played the attention-developing games and mastered the exciting game of «Catch my tail», practiced cat-yoga, вplayed floorball  and participated in different types of tail-contests.

We had different activities every day: dances and games, quests, cinema, quiz-show.

And the camperes also had great results in creativity!  

We made some creative items, drew and invented new breeds of cats and dogs, and then made houses for them. The kids visited creative workshops every day.
Each of the little artists made a keychain charm to remind of the adventures at our autumn camp “The secret life of pets”.

And the kids also made amazing and interesting masks for the final party.


We did not forget to study, too, because there were so many interesting classes at our camp:

Tutors and teachers introduced the kids into charity activities.

During the whole camp term, we revealed this topic, starting from the lectures and ending with active participation in charity events.
The children made toys for the animals in the shelter, collected packages for our animal friends. Now all campers know that helping is easy.


The campers’ parents shared their impressions with us. We are happy that you like our camps every time. Thank you, and see you at the winter break.

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