Autumn camp in Krakow together with CISC!

Autumn camp in Krakow together with CISC!

Autumn vacation is made for wonderful adventures! That’s why our adventurers visited Krakow, the historical city of Poland, abundant with inspiration. By the way, inspiration was what we really needed, since the theme of the camp was shooting our own movie at the camp studio.


Starting from the first day, we got acquainted to each other and had the first lesson at the media studio. The campers devoted their time to new friend and exchanged Instagram contacts with each other 🙂

Day 2

The second day of this autumn’s camp shift brought us many new emotion since we immersed into the mysteries and the history of Krakow sites and Wieliczka salt mines.

And on that day we also had the first class with native English speaker, where the campers demonstrated their skills and acquired new knowledge .

Day 3

We visited the undergrounds of the Main Market square of Poland’s historical capital.

While walking along Krakow streets, we shot video for the media studio and, of course, enjoyed the full-flavoured coffee.

Day 4

Finally, the shopping day we all were looking forward to. And afterwards, the children had tons of positive emotions at the aqua-park.

Besides English classes and creative studies at the media studio, we also immersed into the atmosphere of horror and adventures, since it was Halloween!

Day 5

On that day we made lots of photos, enjoyed the city, drank coffee and ate delicious Krakow sweets. The final Halloween party proved that our campers are the most talented, since the results of their work at the media studio really impressed every one of the viewers.

Join the camps together with CISC!

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