Educational trip to the Kingdom of Spain

Educational trip to the Kingdom of Spain

International cooperation and cross-cultural events broaden our view of the world, provide a priceless experience and an opportunity for the children to feel as the “citizens of the world”. In CISC, we practice thematic communication with peers and experts from other countries via Skype-connection, participation in international competitions and tournaments, studying of foreign languages with native speakers, international studies for teachers and tutors. For the third year in a row, within the framework of our integration programme with British school, Rydal Penhros School, this spring we will be having the Language camp in Colwyn Bay city, Northern Wales.

We strive for further broadening of international coperation horizons and for the strengthening of friendship with different foreign countries. Last week, the CISC had an educational trip to the Kingdom of Spain! We exchanged experience and formed the bonds of friendship with “Leader” School in Murcia region and “Wonderland” in Madrid. We thank our Spanish hosts for the hospitality and great new ideas, and we are looking forward  to having further exciting projects! To be continued…

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