Part II. Integrated Forum for Educators “Insight” in Lviv

Part II. Integrated Forum for Educators “Insight” in Lviv

Once again, we had more than 100 participants, 12 talented speakers, CISC premises already decorated for the New Year and a day full of cool insights, master classes, lectures and workshops.  

On December 14 in Lviv the Integrated Forum for Educators “Insight” was held. And, of course, its motto was “Take Insight from other side”.

We discussed the topics absolutely unconventional for an educational environment, but vitally important for effective raising of a creative and responsible person – neuro-science, the mysteries of a human brain; UN sustainable development goals and effective methods for taking care of our planet today;  ways for a teacher to be an effective communicator; the art of time management; future management.

Some of our insights:

Lipman’s educational paradigm:
 education is the result of participation in “research” community created by the teachers
 the teachers stimulate the students to think about the world, showing that knowledge is complex and ambiguous, changeable and mysterious
 the disciplines are overlapping with each other, thus creating divergences
 teachers are ready to admit their mistakes
 students become more and more reflective, reasonable and well-positioned
 educational process is not just the obtaining of information, but also the understanding of inter-connections between the disciplines, the means and opportunities for their application.

We discussed neuro-science with Olha Pashko, expert in andragogy and supervisor.


“You simply have to deram, and dream globally. You have to peek over the horizon, without fear of setting great goals and distinctly planning their achievement”, – states our speaker Ivan Omelian, public speech trainer.


Candidate of philosophical sciences Nadia Adamenko gave us a very valuable advice: “Having philosophical discussions with the children during the lessons is of great importance. This way we can develop their logical skills, argumentation skills and expression of their own opinion.”


“Unusual insights, emotions and impressions… There are a lot of points to be contemplated, immersed into and shared. Of course, it was useful. And it was pleasant to be surrounded by friends and like-minded people”, – Svitlana Mazurkevych, Forum participant, shares her impressions.


You can read about the Insights of the Forum in Kyiv here. 

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