Victory at the Business games Championship «Athens Brain Wars»

Victory at the Business games Championship «Athens Brain Wars»

Congratulation to the team of CISC 8-graders with ABSOLUTE VICTORY!

Our senior students participated in the Business games Championship «Athens Brain Wars» (Junior league) for the students of 7-8 grades. 11 teams from all over Ukraine competed for the victory.

It’s not simply a contest or academic competition, but a real challenge, covering such disciplines as physics, chemistry, Ukrainian and German languages, geography, logic and biology.

The participants demonstrated their knowledge in game mode, in which they had to conquer an island. Each team included three knights, one patrol soldier and one food and supplies manager. The students turned into characters of a fairy-tale, and everyone played their parts.

АBut the quests and tasks were far from being fairy-tale, and they required knowledge in several disciplines. For example, one of the tasks was to create an anagram in English; another one – to solve chemistry problems from the topic «Amounts of substances» etc. 🤔

From the very first minutes, CISC team demonstrated 100% of their skills💯. And their presentation was amazing – they composed a cinquain (a poetic verse consisting of 2 adjectives, 3 verbs, a sentence with 4 words and synonyms) in Ukrainian and made a mental chart.


The participants noticed that in each task they had to apply critical thinking. As the children pointed out, «It’s so good that we are regularly taught that in CISC». 💜

And here is the result – 1 place. By the way, during the game the teams could win 7 armours, and our team won 8 😊

We are proud and grateful to all the participants and the teachers who do their best to enable our students for conquering the new horizons!

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