The first graduation of 11th grade. Kyiv

The first graduation of 11th grade. Kyiv

👩‍🎓👨‍🎓 CISC school has graduated the first 11th grade 

Just the usual official phrase, but, for some reason, goosebumps on the skin appear. 100% this day will go in history. We know for sure that this date will be engraved forever in the heart of every graduate, teacher, tutor.

🤗 Such beautiful people with eyes shining with happiness (and a little of tears) receive certificates about education, experience, friends, ups and downs, mistakes, and 100,500 ways to find creative solutions, cool projects, and the happiest school years.

And here is the evening, the bank of the Dnipro river, the presentation of Certificates, performances by teachers, a bright entertainment program, fun/serious/touching stories about each of the graduates (with surprises for sure 😊), photo session, a beautiful sunset… 🌅 And tomorrow we will have a beautiful dawn and a new page of life. So let’s begin it with a smile. 🚀 

We love you ♥ Your CISC

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