Teenage Festival of creative industries Create&Go in Lviv

Teenage Festival of creative industries Create&Go in Lviv

Festival of creative industries Create &Go organized by CISC took place in Lviv on February 2. We were glad to welcome the teenagers, creative, active and ready for new discoveries. The programme was mega-cool! Here’s what we learned:

We learned to think creatively and critically, prepared public speeches and had discussions at Improv Workshop “Tune in” by Iarema Turchyn;

We found out how successful movies are made, divided them into elements and created our own mini-BLOCKBUSTER at “How to make a blockbuster?” by Dima Blinov;

We got to know all the peculiarities of our bodies at the training by Maria Lemeshko “Ok, Google: what’s happening with my body?”;

We learned how to become the masters of time at TIME-management training by Iaryna Mirko, who shared personal secrets of successful planning;

Now we now how to plan and design houses, sports centers and even the Eifel tower! We thank Natalia Danylko, Maria Konyk and Iulia Idak for the exciting Workshop “Become an architect in just one hour”.

No lectures, only informal communication and socializing, meeting successful people, work with real cases, lifehacks applied in practice, generating of new ideas, contest and entertainment. We pumped up the creativity and critical thinking skills to the top level!

We can’t wait for the beginning of new courses for teenagers at CISC_SmartHub*

Join us:

Improvisation course for teenagers 
Film direction course
Architecture and design course

Photos from the Teenage Festival

*CISC_SmartHub – is a chance to obtain useful knowledge in various spheres of life, to reveal yourself and find friends among peers. The studies for teenagers are conducted within a creative and friendly atmosphere, where anyone can learn to understand and use one’s strong suits and talents while solving interesting tasks.

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