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Pitching projects at professional orientation faculties

Pitching projects at professional orientation faculties

After three months of intense and inspired work, we had project pitching at the faculties in the 10th grade. At defense of the team projects in entrepreneurship, we had the honour of meeting Oleksandr Matkovskyi,  CEO B&M event satellites, who shared his thoughts and recommendations concerning the students’ ideas.

Media projects, as our tradition goes, were defended in the office of 1+1 media group, and we received feedback from the experts in this industry.


IT faculty also surprised us with creative solutions and ideas.

Congratulations on successful defense of the projects and receiving the Certificates!
♦ Professional immersins in CISC is the opportunity for the senior grades’ students to enhance their knowledge and skills in professional fields they may select in the future, and to acquire practical experience in “Management”, “Communication” and “IT” (at option).
«Educational process in CISC is aimed not only at helping a student to master the necessary knowledge, but also at preparing for the life after graduation. Enrollment at a university is the next vital stage for our graduates, and it is very different from the school period. CISC helps prepare for it. During the year the students have classes with profession-oriented experts from our educational and business partners. IT, media and business processes, project management, acting, aikido, financial literacy – practicing experts in our studios introduce the students into the real cases and help them understand the main processes in different professions.»
Stanislav Bilyi, Head of the Formation Program in CISC Network of Schools

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