Extra-curricular studies: developing soft skills and discovering talents

Extra-curricular studies: developing soft skills and discovering talents


Caring parents are eager to make their children feel happy, and do everything they can to achieve it. Self-realization is a vital part of a person’s happiness. Finding your inclinations, discovering new talents, gaining new skills, getting developed in the sphere you like – all this helps to find the inner balance and find your own path in life.

The majority of modern school students’ parents in Ukraine were educated in regular schools with no wide choice of extra-curricural activities. Some of them passed the vocational orientation test in the 11th grade. Then they graduated and enrolled at professional schools, colleges or universities.  With a limited list of professional specializations taught in a limited number of educational establishments, and enrolment with a very high level of competition, people often chose a faculty not based on their preferences but based on open vacancies.

The number of educational establishments increased over time, and the range of specializations became wider as well. Still, the situation with professional occupation after graduating did not change essentially: 44% last year university graduates are employed in the spheres not connected with professional specialization they obtained, and 29%, are employed in the spheres only partially connected to their specialization.*

Maybe it’s because we should start analyzing the inclinations and search for a real callin in life on a much earlier stage?

It is in the childhood when a person reveals his or her own identity and shows talents,  and the parents have to identify and discover them, and react accordingly. Additional extra-curricular classes and studies will help a child to define his or her inclinations, develop the necessary skills.

How can you select additional classes and studies for your child?

A child needs comprehensive development in order to grow up harmoniously. Performing interesting tasks and learning new information  as applied in practice – that’s what forms the new neural connections. That’s why it is very important for the children to be within groups of other children united by a single goal or idea. This way, the children obtain new communication skills and learn to swiftly adapt to this dynamic modern world.

Olena Markova, psychology counsellor in CISC

Understanding the importance of extra-curricular activities, in CISC network of schools, beside the regular program of studies, we offer a wide range of ,extra-curricular classes and activities, which both our students and the students from other schools can join.  Extra-curricular classes are organised in the following formats:

Profession-based study groups – sports, dance, creative groups for the students of all grades, from pre-school up to 11th grade   

Seasonal theme camps

Weekend school for the children of pre-school age and the students of junior classes

Main specifics and advantages of extra-curricular education in CISC:

The most important thing is to show interest in your child’s extra-school studies and activities. Visit the exhibitions, concerts, presentations. Find a place at home to exhibit your child’s  “inventions” and creative works.  This will make your child understand that his/her activities are valuable and important for the parents, that the parents can be relied on and will support the child in every initiative.    

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