✔ The Helix Bridge in Singapore is shaped like a DNA molecule helix. A transforming bridge is located in London, Paddington district. We discovered where the most amazing bridges of the world are situated, and decided to design our own.

✔ We are going to create hand-made solar batteries, and then we will explore the specifics of installation, calculate the economic efficiency of their use.

✔ We are going to build a quail kindergarten. We will incubate the quail eggs in a special incubator, keeping to all necessary level of light, moisture etc. We will  draft a business plan for a quail farm while waiting for the quail chicks to hatch out.

✔By uniting poetry, music and dance in a magnificent combination, we will create our own performance and present it in a video project.  We will «level up» our creative thinking, shape our esthetic tastes, develop dance and music skills, public speech and film directing skills.

✔In Immortal Life Project, we will make exclusive handicraft items together with the kids, using epoxy resin and natural materials (shells, insects and plants). We will study the flora and fauna of our native land, learn how to collect plants and make herbariums, make epoxy resin solutions and create unique accesories and scientific biological models.

📍 In PROJECT FEST held in our Osokorky school location, the teams of teachers, tutors, IT experts and the school Headmaster presented the project ideas to be implemented by 5-8-grade students within the next two months.

The ideas were incredibly cool ❤ We wish the students all the luck in turning them to reality! We are absolutely sure that the two months of project immersions will be filled with cosmic discoveries. 🚀

✏ CISC  students on a regular basis have defences of their scientific, creative, digital, social, business and eco- projects, which they develop for several weeks or even months, A topic of a single project often covers knowledge from several academic disciplines.

The purpose of this approach is for the students to gain practical experience in the process of learning new material.

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