Adventures of Canadian schoolchildren in Ukraine. About scientific research and impressions Welcome to Ukraine!

Adventures of Canadian schoolchildren in Ukraine. About scientific research and impressions Welcome to Ukraine!

For two weeks, Canadian students studied side by side with Ukrainian peers at the Creative International Children’s School in Lviv as part of a return visit under an exchange program. In the spring of this year, our CMS visited the R.I Baker Middle School in Alberta and lived with Canadian families. 

We were happy to spend two weeks with our Canadian colleagues. Students of R.I. Baker School, who visited CISC_Lviv, are delighted with Ukraine, Lviv, and CISC. The guests quickly found a common language and made friends. And yet, we all traveled a lot together. We will tell a little more about our adventures.

Students from Canada enjoyed the intensive practice, which is a mandatory part of the CMS’s educational process. They were happy to have the opportunity to research on their own, to participate in exciting integrations. 

For example, at chemistry lessons, they studied the pH level of food (ketchup, kefir, yogurt), water (tap, mineral), milk, cosmetics. And still practically studied liquids.

Here’s what Jasmine says:

“Classes at CISC are a very cool practice. I liked to study fluids in chemistry classes and do experiments.’’

Another lesson that did not leave our guests indifferent 😊

At the bilingual lesson, students explored the topic of ‘’Geometry of sport’’ and considered the practical application of geometry in sports. It turns out that coaches and players of famous football, basketball, and other teams have long used the triangle (Triangle offense) strategy to pass the ball between players better.

According to Heron’s formula, they found the triangles formed after the players were placed on the field and determined the field’s covered part by one team player. And also tried themselves in the role of coaches of the football team ‘’Barcelona’’.

“I liked that we had the opportunity to explore certain things on our own in the classes because, as a rule, the teacher helps us. Here we acquired knowledge independently, made certain conclusions. And I also liked to scan the QR code; we usually don’t do that’.’— Rylie shares her impressions.

It is believed that educational practices in Ukraine are strong and innovative. 

About traveling in the Lviv region

The warm summer was a big surprise for our guests who came from snow-covered Canada at that time.

Adventures began from Zolochiv Castle (1634) with a Chinese palace (one of three in Europe), a picturesque courtyard, mysterious Templar stones with two wreaths that fulfill wishes.

The Canadians liked the Koniecpolski Castle in Pidhirtsi with a park (1635), which was once considered one of the most beautiful in Europe and is one of the best examples of combining a Renaissance palace with bastion fortifications. 

Lunch in Olesky Castle allowed you to catch your breath and go with new strength to explore the hill’s fortress, one of the oldest in the Ukrainian lands (1390). The exposition of the museum-reserve of the XIV-XVIII centuries recreates the atmosphere of the cultural and artistic life of past centuries.

To return here again, everyone amicably tossed coins into the well. Everyone bought souvenirs, looked at the endless landscapes, and with joy, went to Lviv.

‘’I like Lviv, everything is different here – architecture, weather… By the way, it’s warmer here!’’ shares Ellis.

We hosted guests from the families of CISC students, about whom the children also have many positive impressions. And the new classmates became real friends for foreign colleagues. Each student had his own ‘’buddy’’ who helped a foreign friend with adaptation and learning.

‘’I liked communicating with new classmates. The students were happy to help me with the learning process. Here everyone is so friendly. I like school; it’s very colorful, the classrooms are made so homely, it’s cozy here, and there are lockers in the classrooms!” Rylie says smiling.

And we were happy to welcome our friends! We are glad to share our experience and show our country. See you soon 😊


Our students spent a month studying at R.I. Baker School in the spring and gained valuable experience. Read about our adventures in Canada.

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