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Camp season

Camp season

More than 1000 children from all over Ukraine are spending this summer in CISC project-intellectual capms:

In “CITY_2018” we:

– reproduce a model of the CITY on the basis of own ideas and design projects;
– put all the necessary CITY infrastructure into action: the Mayor’s office, the bank, post office, manufactures and workshops,  local media etc;
– earn our own money and exchange it into camp prizes and awards.

The programmes of camp shifts include:
– INTERACTIVE ENGLISH PROJECT – the children learn English and participate in theatre preformances, team games, English Party, Speaking Club, Cooking Club etc.;
– CREATIVE STUDIO – developing a model of a modern city, designing projects of buildings, recreation areas, design of new tourist maps and City museum;
– THEATRE CLUB – a team of professional actors will aply all efforts to discover the children’s acting talents, the art of improvisation, performances etc;
– CINEMA STUDIO – processing photos, filming a short movie, advertisements, news;
– SCIENCE LABORATORY – interesting experiments, STEM, discoveries, chemical and physical experiments etc;
– “THE CLEVEREST” GAMES – brain-ring, business games, intellectual contests and board games;
– SPORTS AND TEAM CHALLENGES – rope-trainings, bicycle races; team-building, quests;
– INTENSIVE EVENING PROGRAMMES – outdoor cinema, parties, competitions, theme shows, carnivals, story-telling, camp fires etc.


The programme for the youngest ones includes: creative workshopsі; joyful English lessons; fitness classes outdoors; adventure quests; team competitions; cooking master-classes; project researches; journeys and lots of other fun things.


On our search for the secret of proactivity, we learn that a balanced self-development gets us closer to implementation of our goals and dreams.

The camp programme includes: 3D-modelling, English club, Vlogging, Multi-studio, Robotechnics, worksops and master-classes, team sports games, competitions, quests,, experiments and researches.

And also – “Parade of the DRAGONS”, “Show of MAGIC and TRICKS by an illusionist”, “Bollywood”, “Holi Festival” , bicycle quests, visiting a rope park and the Museum of water.

AND, MOST IMPOTANTLY – the children acquire real friends among their peers and tutors, receive unforgettable experience, have a vacation full of drive, fun and adventures!


This camp format fosees an exciting week-long adventure around the picturesque and extremely interesting cities of Ukraine, full of impressions, drive and adventures for the young travellers with age 11+. During our first camp journey, the participants visite the Kamianets-Podilskyi fortress, Khotyn, one of the seven wonders of Ukraine –  picturesque natural park “Podilski Tovtry”, Optimistic cave in Ternopil, Jurynskyi waterfall, the Seven wonders of Lviv and Medieval city-fortress, the customs post of the Kyivan Rus “Tustan”(the Carpathians, Eastern Beskids).
All this excitement was spiced up by: team games, interesting projects, quests, researches and tasks, together with which the history and geography of our native land became really close for our travellers.



More exciting adventures and events will follow soon!

Watch our acting camps in Camps section and join us!

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