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Chess Tournament among junior grades in CISC_Kyiv

Chess Tournament among junior grades in CISC_Kyiv

Chess Tournament among the students of junior grades lasted for a week in CISC_Kyiv. The students have confirmed for 100% that their strategic planning skills are at a great level.  🙂 Intellectual game became a real challenge.


The winners were chosen for each grade, who received their well-deserved trophies. We congratulate our little CISC students with such marvelous results!👏

And as the first official world champion in chess Wilhelm Steinitz said: “Chess is not for timid souls”.🙂



Our winners:
Pre-school group – DAvid Hutsman
First grade – Leonid Tsarelung
Second grade – Andrij Volovetskyj
Third grade – Vladyslav Kolodiuk
Fourth grade – Andrij Kobzarev



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