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School self-government in Lviv

School self-government in Lviv

We greet the newly-elected President of the students’ self-government in CISC_Lviv Mykhailo Brik  (class 9.2).  The post of vice-president has been taken by the student of 11 grade, Viktor Diminskyi.
For the first time in CISC history, we had an lection campaign, two rounds of elections, the candidates’ debates and the president’s inauguration.

The voting turnout was 99.9%!

The competence of the School President will include:
📍 Representation of the students’ interests,
📍 Holding the parliamentary sessions,
📍 cooperation with the ministries, the school management and the representatives of self-government from other CISC network schools.   📍 The President cooperates with the ministries and reports to the school Headmaster and the project manager.

Soon, we will hold sessions of the school parliament and the ministries!

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