School chess tournament in Lviv

School chess tournament in Lviv

A friendly chess tournament has taken place in CISC_Lviv.  Our chess players struggled for the winning points in individual and team leagues, with the main judge, Ms. Iryna Bibo.

We greet the winners of the team league:
І place – Maksym Bondarchuk and Hanna Danylo, class 6.2;
ІІ place – Martyn Diachyshyn and Ostap Kucherenko, clas 7.1;
ІІІ place- Vitalii Doskich and Palu Soltis, class 10.

We greet the winners of the individual league:
І place – Maksym Bondarchuk. class6.2.;
ІІ place – Martyn Diachyshyn, class 7.1.;
ІІІ pla illia Zeidel, class 3.1.


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