School chess tournament in CISC_Kyiv

School chess tournament in CISC_Kyiv

«As Pascal wrote: the more intelligent a man is, the more different characters he can see. It’s like in a game of chess: a good player sees the whole variety of games, while to a bad player they all seem the same» (L.Tolstoy)

For the whole week, CISC students had an opportunity of participating in the School chess tournament.

Among 0-5 grades, each class presented its winners of internal qualification tour.

Middle and senior school competed among parallel classes.

In the finals we had the following winners (in groups according to age) :

Pre-school group – Lev Shatunov (0.2)

1-2 grades – Andrij Volkovytskyi (1.3)

3-4 grades – Mykhailo Petryk (3.3)

5-8 grades – Dmytro Nagorniuk (7.1)

Congratulations to our winners!

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