Social activities in school: their importance and effect on formation of a personality

Social activities in school: their importance and effect on formation of a personality

AI, robotics, innovative technology – nowadays you can program a robot to perform certain professional tasks, and it will find an answer to any question or make a task without a few minutes. But there are some things no robot could ever take control of: creativity, warm communication and team work, compassion, the ability to think out of the box and change the course of events that seemed logical.

For that reason, modern school has to provide experience instead of “programming” the children for knowledge, and make the education as close to real life as possible. We must show the kids that life is about skills and abilities, about gaining success, but, at the same time, about care and protection  for others.


«By creating conditions for formation of a comprehensive personality, with the purpose of gaining real-life experience in school, it’s important that we cover as many life spheres as possible. Because a school as an educational institution cannot be separated from the society and the world. And that is the reason why a child must be engeged in community life while in school: family, friends, school, district, city or even the whole country. It is possible to achieve through volunteering and participation in different social initiatives – thus, the children develop empathy, project thinking and a forward-thinking approach



Oleksandra Brashovetska, Head of Educational Partnerships Department in CISC Network of schools

For all these reasons, the life in CISC is full of social activities:

We are confident that charity or any social activity is not about loud statements or organizing an event once per year. It’s about action and small steps made regularly.

Many foreign higher educational establishments pay great attention to the fact  whether a candidate participated in volunteering, or has experince with some interesting social intitiatives or programmes.



«One of the conditions for my enrollment at a college in the USA was volunteering experience. But you have to understand that it was not supposed to be “just for the record”. I volunteered in an association that organized English-language camps for the children.»



Iaroslava Myroshnychenko, CISC_Holosiivo graduate of 2020

What we implemented in CISC

Volunteering and environmental protection campaigns

Recently, the students and the team of the CISC Network of schools joined the  tree plating intitiative which takes place within the whole country. This charity event is conducted by «Mommy, plant a tree» organization.

CISC students often participate in volunteering projects aimed at helping the orphanages, homeless persons and animals, elderly people or children with oncology.

We are assisted by partners, Tabletochky foundation, Youth for Peace, Happy Pow, Emmaus, Care from the distance, and SOS animal shelter.



«Lately, serious concerns have been caused by the  indifference and unkindness of the people and the younger generation to the issues of the eldrerly, of those in need or in trouble. And that’s why the charity projects are vitally important for raising the younger generation. First of all, they are necessary to develop such qualities as sensitivity, benevolence, charity, generosity, compassion, kindness, honesty, discreeteness. They are closely connected to the values of CISCm which we encourage and raise in the children. And that’s why participation on the charity campaigns and social initiatives make a quality change in a personality, help its development and form a responsible and cpnsious attitude to oneself and to the others



Oleksandr Vaschenko, Mentor of the 7th grade in CISC

At the beginning of the pandemic, the CISC students and the team joined the  #ProtectMedicalWorker initiative by Kyiv Volunteer Headquarters and the Ukrainian Charity Exchange, organized to support the medical workers and to raise the money for the means of individual protection.

The students also joined the «Somewhere in the East», campaign. We invited the campraign coordinator to share her experience of helping the residents of the near-front areas and the fighters of the Joined Forces Operation. The kids collected sweets, school supplies, board games for the kids living in the near-front cities: Mariinka, Avdiivka, Novomykhailivka.

To celebrate the St.Nicholas’s Day, and in cooperation with the «Tabletochky» Foundation assisting the children with oncology, CISC collected the «Box of courage». IT’s a box full of surprises as an award for the courage and the super’patience of the kids during complex and painful operations.



До дня Святого Миколая, в рамках співпраці з благодійним фондом допомоги онкохворим дітям «Таблеточки», КМДШ збирала «Коробочку хоробрості». Це таке таємне сховище сюрпризів за мужність, відвагу та супертерпіння дітей під час проведення болісних операцій.

На постійній основі збираємо макулатуру в Львові. Адже, якщо вдруге переробити тонну паперу, можна заощадити 17 дерев віком близько 30 років, 26 000 літрів води, 3 кубометра землі, 240 літрів пального, 4000 кіловат-годин електрики.

Charity Fairs

Charity Fairs are an important tradition in CISC Network. The children put their handmade items, favourite books, toys and paintings for sale. And it’s not meant to purchse a bag of sweets; instead, the money will be spent to help the others. And it inspires us for even further actions.

The money raised at the school charity fairs is transferred  to charity foundations, such as «Youth for peace». The unsold items are also given to charity organizations which sell them at the local charity fairs.

«Happy Paw», a charity foundation taking care of homeless cats and dogs, joined our events several times. They offered their souvenir products at the fair, and used the raised money to help the homeless animals.



«I recall that we went to the «Auchan» supermarket to buy the dog food and toys, which we then took to the shelter. When we came to the shelter and saw all these dogs, who are often hungry because there’s not enough food, we became even more concerned about the fate of the animals. I think that you can always find the time to help others, no matter if you are an adult or a child. And it’s awesome. We often discuss the matters of charity with our Ms.Ray, who tells us about different types of activities offered in CISC, and we are glad to engage, because helping others is great!»


Daryna Melnyk, 5th grade student in CISC

Students’ self-government

The students’ self-government actively functions in the CISC Network. And often such events as charity fairs,  helping the animals or other social activities are initiated by the students. We wish for the children to be developed as conscious personalities, and we would like for the charity to come from the heart, not because of the pressure. It does not work that way – the «we do it because we must» approach may lead to development of the opposite qualities. Thus, the school should give an opportunity to choose, to think, to analyze, and to understand why it’s important not to be indifferent to the environment and the people around us.

For instance, it was the initiative of the School Parliament  to join the charity event «CISC. Dreams come true». For several days, the students collected the books and toys, wrote little notes and messages for the new owners – children from the orphanage. Upon ititiative of our school librarian, the students brought their favourite books to the library, which afterwards were given to the hospitals for children.



The School Parliament initiated the «I am saving the Earth!» campaign in celebration of the Earth day: the team of students from CISC_Holosiivo created the stickers reminding about our contribution into the state of the environment. And the students also organized such activities as  STEAM-tournament, «CISC got talent», St.Valentine’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Day of Remembrance for the victims of the Crimean Tartar deportation,  Day of Remembrance of the victims of the Famine Genocide, Кahoot on occasion of the Earth Day, Happiness Day and the Masters’ Fair.



«This year, we had the premiere of the students’ self-government in CISC_Holosiivo. Despite the fact that this was a totally new experience for the School Parliament, we managed to cope with it 100%. Our goal was to take responsibility for all the extra-curricular events. For instance, in winter we organized holiday events not only for the students, but for the elderly people, kids from the orphanages and   families with many children; we also collected warm clothes for the homeless. The junior school made items for sale and organized a charity fair for «Happy Paw» animal shelter.

Why is the students’ self-government so important? First of all, it sets an exanmple for all the students that we have to act to make it happen.  The burden of the responsibility may seem hard, but our team sets a real example for the younger generation that from the very early age we should find the ways to change the environment and the things around us for the better; in our case, we usually act within the school, but, as you can see from our activities, our interests reach further. We invite everyone to join our team and to receive this amazing experience together

Iuliia Danyliuk, President of the School Parliament in CISC_Holosiivo

The CISC Team joined the All-Ukrainian charity campaign in support of  the kids undergoing long-term medical treatment and their families. This campaign was initiated by the House of Ronald McDonald Foundation, which also organized the #PijamasDay to tell the whole country about their great cause.

In CISC Network of schools we form the conscious civic position and pro-activity.  In October 2020 CISC joinde the All-Ukrainian Game for the children and the youth M18, modelling the local elections.  CISC students passed all the stages of election campaign: from the candidates’ election programs to the voting booth.

«Social activities are a very resourceful type of activities, it brings great emotional feedback. They may be aimed at any sphere of life, but have to be well justified. I enjoy charity in support of the shildren (any of them – those with health issues, those lacking access to the education,  those lacking material goods).

It makes me so happy to join different social activities toghether with the students in CISC. We are lucky to have such great tutors in our class, because they  are really concerned about the environment and they initiate many  volunteering activities. We are a real team, and we regularly participate in charity campaigns to support the animal shelters, to collect the things for the families in need or the elderly people.  Before the Christmas holidays our first grade students  organized a charity fair to sell the Christmas-tree decorations they made themselves.  And the money they raised was transferred to the animal shelter.»

Daria Duzhak, Class teacher and English language teacher in CISC


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