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STEREO. TYPES. Photo exhibition in Lviv

STEREO. TYPES. Photo exhibition in Lviv

In Lviv, the STEREO.TYPES photo exhibition took place, devoted to the understanding of Ukrainian identity. The 7th grade students made a poll inquiry as to the stereotypes and associations related to everything Ukrainian. Results of that poll became the basis for creating such photo exhibition, in which the ninth-graders participated together with their mentor and teachers.

Each photo depicts the TYPE of a Ukrainian in STEREO, i.e. on two sides, thus illuminating the historical line and the connection between the past and the modern world.

Dressed in vyshyvanka or simple shirt, wearing shoes or traditional sandals or sneakers, reading from old scrolls or from an IPad, taking salo with their hands or chopsticks…, we all are Ukrainian. And for such understanding we need no “because”, “on the grounds of”, “when”, “if”… Being Ukrainian is our TYPE of consciousness.

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